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Islamic terrorism in Kashmir

Followers of this blog know well that its often via videos I share my views. Given my fondness to our heaven Kashmir this video in particular has been long on my mind. I feel apologetic for not being able to share with you so far. We Hindus have just one nation in the world which we can call "ours" and yet within this only nation of ours we fail to pay attention to issues of our own Hindu brothers and sisters. Compare that to Jews or Muslims. Remember during 26/11 Mumbai attack Israel's Government strongly insisted to help Indian Govt to kill terrorists, just so that they can save 6 Jew lives.(Strategically empty headed Congress run Govt of India refused to accept help is another story) Remember how ethnic riots related simple questioning of Muslims in China's Urumqi drew ire of Turkish and other Muslim nations ? Compare that to our response to misery and devastation of Kashmiri Hindus, who are considered the most revered Brahmin clan per our Hindu scriptures. Hone…

How to express Patriotism ?

If I asked you which is the word spoken far too often and yet almost NEVER practiced in India, what would that be ? You would jump off your couch and say righteousness or honesty but that's not what I was referring to. Although they can be very optional choices for this question, the word I am referring to is "Patriotism". If asked, almost every Indian will tell you proudly, "I am VERY patriotic."(with the emphasis on VERY) Ask him/her the next question. How do you practice your patriotism ? Umm,Ah,Well,Its,???,WHAT?...That's quite an answer, isn't it ? Of course there would be a few who would be able to answer that but most of our people are clueless about how to practice what they believe themselves to be. Ideally it should be simple. For example, if you call yourself Jew or believer of Judaism, you practice it by regularly going to Synagogue and living by the principles embodied in Hebrew Bible called Tanakh. If you call yourself a Hindu, you practic…

Know your Army : Tatra Trucks

Just how 33 vertebra forms your backbone and enables you to stand strong, supply lines form backbone of any Army. Ever wondered what is the backbone of our Indian Army ? How does the world's forth largest army full-fill its supply needs during peace-time or war-time. Check out in these videos to find out what forms Indian Army's backbone..Njoy !

And they say Kashmir belongs to them

An ingenious example of speech and politics occurred recently in the United Nations Assembly that made the world community smile.

A representative from India began: 'Before beginning my talk I want to tell you something about Rishi(sage) Kashyap of Kashmir, after whom Kashmir is named. When he struck a rock and it brought forth water, he thought, 'What a good opportunity to have a bath.' He removed his clothes, put them aside on the rock and entered the water. When he got out and wanted to dress, his clothes had vanished. A Pakistani had stolen them.'

The Pakistani representative jumped up furiously and shouted, 'What are you talking about? The Pakistanis weren't there then.'

The Indian representative smiled and said, 'And now that you have made that clear, I will begin my speech. 'And they say Kashmir belongs to them. :)'

India's true young Bofors : Shri Kiren Rijiju

As promised earlier, here is the video of Mr. Kiren Rijiju, a true energetic nationalist leader of the future. He is perhaps the only competition to Mr. Rahul Gandhi of Congress from BJP side. While he is not having the family label as his opponent, he sure has more "Indian" appeal to his character and ideology. Listen and feel his "Indian-ness" below...

Classic Example of Fun at Work : Gujarat Police

Did you know that Gujarat State police would provide Free escort services to girls at night after garba(Dance) for their safe return to home, keeping parents away from worries ? The Central Govt of India can take cues from Gujarat Govt which provides excellent work environment to the state police forces. Check out this video of Gujarat Police celebrating Navratri with AK-47 !!! What an original idea !! Can you cite any better example of fun at work !! It also tells us why any single girl would be able to roam alone at 3 am without any fear in Gujarat.

China hype in media

"Red Peril", "Dragon breathing Fire", these are some of the recent headlines showing tensions between India and China in Himalayan border region due to disputed border. Well,it must be thought in retrospection. If you think carefully, the hype in media underlines the psyche of Indian people who has come out of oppression, slavery and captivity only before 62 years. We Indians are paranoid about not falling victim to another cruel regime like the British Empire. It is rather a good thing that we are so much concerned about the every possible threat to our nation and we are bringing such issues to public debate by means of media. But the hype and discussion should not scare people nor should it create a notion that we cannot defend ourselves against Chinese communist regime. Do not forget we are the people who fought the British without a single gun and forced them to vacate our beloved nation. Today we are a nuclear power with 1.1 billion people willing to defend th…

China training terrorists "INSIDE" Indian state of Manipur

Mao said, " You wave a gun"

Like it or not, China has much better leaders who work their butt of for their motherland. Not only they will stand by what they believe in or what they speak, they will motivate their men for what they believe is the right cause. For instance, before 1962 war between India and China, Mao Zedong their leader then said, "You wave a gun," referring to Nehru, "and I'll wave a gun. We'll stand face to face and can each practice our courage." When was the last time any Indian leader stood up like that to back our Army/defense forces and boost their morale? I bring this up because these days there is lot of hue and cry about China grabbing Indian land inch by inch in Jammu and Kashmir, but then when the top leadership of country is cowardly, no amount of press reports can make any difference. It is for people to take their questions to the parliament through elected MLA/MP of their residential area. When at least one Indian from every constituency will force his/…

Muslim Demographics....


A picture is worth thousands words, a video is worth million words. Check it out.

Become a terrorist, get paid by Congress run Indian Govt.

Dear Global Indians,

As promised, I continue to bring you news that Indian English media would purposedly not present to you. Please share with others and let truth spread.

YOU decide, who is communal and who is secular.

Our Indian English media these days is flooded with tainted reports on most of the Saffron leaders such as Narendra Modi, Lal Krushna(Yes in Gujarati its Krushna and not Krishna) Advani and Varun Gandhi. It is amazing to know how so called elite journalists can twist the facts,disregard the basic principles of journalism, disregard the judiciary and vilify a veteran leader who has done all the ground work for past six decades to bring up a true nationalist and secular political party. Read above and be your own judge.(Click on the image to read) Journalists such as Rajdeep Sardesai, Karan Thapar, Barkha Dutt and Sagarika Ghosh who are offsprings of communism and pseudo-secularism will pay for their sins in this very life according to theory of Karma.

Did you learn this in your History book as a Kid in India?

Dear Global Indians,

Some of you may have learnt following by self-exploration on the internet but most of you would be enlightened to learn the following which unfortunately was NOT taught to us in history books during our school days in India..

Brief Introduction :Mr. Thomas Macaulay was a 19th-century British poet, historian and Whig politician and one of the two Members of Parliament for Edinburgh. He wrote extensively as an essayist and reviewer, and on British history. During colonized India under cruel British Raj,in 1833 in his position as the first law member of the Governor-general's council, he was credited for convincing the Governor-General to adopt English as the medium of instruction in higher education, from the sixth year of schooling onwards, rather than Sanskrit or Arabic then used in the institutions supported by the East India Company.

On 2nd February,1835 in his speech to the British Parliament he said,

Quote :

"I have traveled across the length and breadth o…

Honorable Shri Kiren Rijiju on Nation-building

Dear Friends,

As I promised earlier, I present to you a thought-provoking video by Shri. Kiren Rijiju. By far he is the most dynamic, most talented and most promising young politician that India has today. He represents India's "State of the rising sun", Arunachal Pradesh. That's is where India's international borders begin and stretches up to my state of Gujarat. I absolutely LOVE the part of the video where he says we greet people by various slogans here in Mumbai like "Namaste" or "Sat Sri Akal" or "Good Morning", but in Arunachal Pradesh there is only one Slogan, JAY HIND. My salute to such nationalist state. Its a shame that such a state has been neglected by AICC(All India National Congress) for decades as its tiny population did not form major vote-bank.

Its time to choose Nationalist Leader.


Translation of the lyrics.

Chalo Zara, Utho Zara >> Lets go,Lets get up,
Deshbhakti se Bhara >> Filled with Patriotism,
Netrutrva hai bula raha >> Leadership is calling you,

Ye ek Shankh-naad hai >>This is awakening call by "Shankh-naad" (Sound produced using large Sea-shells)
Pukarata Prabhaat hai >> Beautiful morning is calling you,
Uthani hogi ek Lahar >> We Need to generate New wave,
Ye Nirnayo ka hai prahar >> This is moment of decision.

Kyu much raha ye shor hai >> Why is all these noises,
Ye kiske haath dor hai >> Whose controlling/commanding who (from behind the scenes)
Na path se hath >> Never stray away from your path,
Tu ruk Zara >>Wait a bit,
Dhairya Dhar >> Be Patient
Na zuk Zara >>Never bow down down to odds,

Ye desh tera swpna hai, pahechaan hai, abhimaan hai >> This country is your dream,your…

China is working towards diverting Brahmputra river away from India

China’s move to divert the Brahmaputra will force private power project developers in the North-East to be wary of investing with the hydrological risk of not having adequate water.

Article by S. Padmanabhan in Hindu Business Line on April 14th 2009.

China’s attempt to divert the Brahmaputra has reared its head again. The Chinese are apparently eyeing about 40 billion cubic metres, out of the annual average inflow of 71.4 billion, of the Brahmaputra’s waters. The river skirts China’s borders before dipping into India and Bangladesh. China has a serious need to feed water to its north-west territory, the Gobi Desert, which contains almost half the country’s total landmass, but only seven per ce nt of its freshwater. The Gobi occupies an area of 13,00,000 making it one of the largest deserts in the world. Desertification of Gobi since 1950s has expanded it by 52,000 and it is now just 160 km from Beijing. It is said to expand by 3 km per year.

China has the will and the necessa…

China Vetoes Indian ADB Loan

China has withheld approval for a multilateral development loan by the Asian Development Bank to India, the first time such a move has been taken. The situation is now worrying global leaders, concerned that an increase in China’s lobbying capabilities on an international basis will see a parallel increase in its veto powers being used for self interest, rather than global and regional purposes.

The loan was to have been used for projects in flood management, water supply and sanitation in the northeast region of Arunachal Pradesh, which China has territorial claims on. Although the area has never officially been part of China, the two countries fought a border war over the territory in 1962. China won that skirmish, but then pulled back its troops. China in recent times has however continued to claim the region as disputed and minor border incursions by China have not been uncommon. The area is agriculturally fertile. The other disputed border area China has with India is in the Himal…

China's brutality in Tibet

Be aware that this video contains gruesome images that may be disturbing to viewers.This video is worth million words. It explains in a nutshell why I hate China and communism/communists. India must do everything to stop communism spreading within. Its demon that will engulf our democratic society that took 60 years to build.(And still building)

Taliban enters India

Islamic Terrorism in INDIA's Kashmir

Dear Indians,

The least I expect from everyone is to observe silence for a minute at the end of the video to pay homage to dead Kasmiri Pandits.If you feel the urge to do more,like how I have always asked in my posts, lets do something TOGETHER. Only our unity can solve such problems. Individual efforts will not gain momentum. It has to be mass movement.

Mighty Indian Navy in 1741 : Battle of Colachel

The Battle of Colachel: In remembrance of things past

A dramatic and virtually unknown past, in an area of bucolic calm surrounded by spectacular hills: that is Colachel, a name that should be better known to us. For this is where, in 1741, an extraordinary event took place -- the Battle of Colachel. For the first, and perhaps the only time in Indian history, an Indian kingdom defeated a European naval force.

The ruler of Travancore, Marthanda Varma, routed an invading Dutch fleet; the Dutch commander, Delannoy, joined the Travancore army and served for decades; the Dutch never recovered from this debacle and were never again a colonial threat to India.

It was a remarkable achievement for a small princely state; yet not one of my Indian friends has ever heard of the Battle of Colachel. This, in my opinion, is another example of our sadly skewed education -- we have adopted wholesale a Macaulayite curriculum that was designed to drum into Indians the notion that we were inherently inferio…

Rahul Gandhi says India is bigger than USA !!!!

Either to laugh your belly off or to feel sorry about this Indian leader is matter of choice. Either way you just cannot afford to miss this video.

Facts about China you MUST know.

Eavesdrop some shop-owners chit-chat at any shop in any main bazaar across towns in India and you will hear one common tune. They all boast about how cheap Chinese goods keep the cash-registers full and business strong. I hate to pin-point but they fail to realize that their profiteering is only making their enemies strong. A common man needs to be made aware of Communist China's present day geographical ambitions and that they have not yet returned OUR land of North-Eastern Kashmir(referred as Aksai Chin) which they seized in 1962.(Lets bow our heads for our leaders who chose to forsake the issue)Political leaders like Kiren Rijiju or Swadeshi activists' voices get lost in thick crowds of buzzing Indian metropolises. What is more discomforting is that its not only making enemies strong but at the same time makes us weak. How ? By providing sub-standard quality FMCG goods such as milk,cheese and water.I wish I could go to those shop-keepers and explain that even if you don'…

I am proud of this Rajya-Sabha member.

It is a very lovely and beautiful day today. Its because not everyday someone like Shri Mahmood A. Madani will stand up and speak on behalf of the entire nation in a public summit. It becomes all the more important when the speaker is from the world of politics at a national stage. Shri Mahmood A. Madani is Rajya-Sabha (Upper house of Indian Parliament) memeber who recently was one of the high-profile attendees at India Today conclave on 6th and 7th March 2009. His words during the summit made me so proud that I could not wait a moment to write this piece up and share the video with you all.He is exactly the kind of Indians we need to become super-power. There should be only ONE identity of a billion+ people, "INDIAN". Period. Njoy the Video..Jay ho !

Facts about Rahul Gandhi you must know.

These days a growing Indian young population is welcoming Rahul Gandhi's entry into national politics. Upon entering the politics he has attempted to take Mr. Narendra Modi head on with his vicious verbal attacks. As a silent politics observer I find this very amusing. To me this is like Venktesh Prasad coming in as an opening batsman in a highly anticipated one day match attempting to hit six on the first delivery of Shoaib Akhtar(Rawalpindi Express).While I love the fact that young Indians are getting plugged into Indian main stream politics, I wish they work hard on fact finding. It is for that reason I would like to share with young Indians following facts about Rahul Gandhi and improve their knowledge base. Njoy !! (Dr. Swamy in the video is Harvard Graduate)

Why nationalists Love Mr. Narendra Modi ?

Here is a simple question that I put forward. Why people of Gujarat whole heartedly LOVE Mr. Narendra Modi(3rd time Chief minister of Gujarat with full majority in Vidhan-sabha) and why rest hate him. The answer is simple. Those who are willing to take up India's enormous problems as challenges love him for his optimism and energy. He is not afraid to ask questions on issues that really matters to us as a nation. He is not afraid to take actions that will change India at grass root level. Modi bashers/haters are those who likes to live in India "as it is" without making efforts to "change" things/systems. In my humble opinion only those living with "I dont care for my country(India)" tends to hate him as change is sometimes painful. People who cant bear short-lived troubles for long term benefits that comes with "change" loves to hate him.

Following is sample of his direct line of questioning to Congress led government and failure of India&…

How countries deal with separatists ?

Every time a young leader like Shri Kiren Rijiju(14th Lok Sabha member elected from Arunachal Pradesh on BJP's ticket) calls for strong action necessary to guard nations borders, other Lok Sabha members can be seen yawning,talking on the phone, chit-chatting or at best sleeping. This time I want to share wisdom of (again) Shri Arun singh ji(retired Vice-Admiral, Eastern Naval Command,Indian Navy) on how other countries deal with separatist movements within their states. Also very soon I will share great articles written by Shri Kiren Rijiju about the urgency required for us as a nation to look into Arunachal Pradesh's border problems.

Following is excerpts of his words as appeared in Asian Age on August 28th,2009.

"We need to look at how other nations have dealt with secessionists and terror. Russia used brute, overwhelming force in Chechnya because it realised that after the breakup of the USSR, Chechnya would be the catalyst for further disintegration. How have Spai…

Divine Indian Prophecy :Repeating 1962.India will loose against China in future war.

With a heavy heart as an Indian nationalist,I share with you report indicating immediate danger to our country.India is only waiting to be victim of Chinese aggression as in the past in 1962 and face another face-loosing war. BECAUSE YOU, THE CITIZEN OF INDIA FAILED TO FORCE POLITICIANS INTO ACTION TO PROTECT OUR MOTHERLAND.(I QUESTIONED THOUSAND TIMES, NOT ANSWERED SO FAR)

Following report is written by Arun Kumar Singh, retired Vice-Admiral, Eastern Command,Indian Navy.

DECCAN CHRONICLE, Hyderabad , India
January 26th, 2009

On the eve of India’s 59th Republic Day, while reports of terror threats come in, few have read the Chinese media articles of “teaching India a lesson” on Arunachal Pradesh. In India doubts remain about control of India’s “nuclear button,” while the PM recuperates post-surgery at a time when the future of Pakistan and the safety of its nuclear weapons is under global debate. Terrorism, “nukes” and the Chinese threat make a deadly cocktail.
The Western world has kept …

India Rising part 1

India Rising part 2

How India lost Political battle against Pakistan after 26/11

Friends, Its my firm belief that only and outsider can paint a real/neutral picture of any ongoing conflict between nations. For long, I have loved this journalist for his outstanding coverage and unmatched detailed analysis...Please Read,Share and Remember !By : M. J. Akbar, Arab News (Published Sunday 25 January 2009)Pakistan has advantage over India.Foreign policy is not made in a day, much less on inauguration day. The smiles that broke out in Delhi when President Barack Obama cautioned Pakistan that nonmilitary aid would be cut if it did not curb domestic terrorism were premature. In any case, it is military aid rather than civilian aid to Islamabad which should be of more concern to Delhi, but the government in Delhi has become so dependent on the United States that it gets pleased with very little. An inaugural speech can only be peppered with markers that will slowly be fleshed into policy. But amateurs in Delhi have rushed to judgment where professionals fear to tread.There …

Your only obligation to your nation..MUST WATCH.

Inaugural Post on how India had to "back off" from war in 2008.

Dear Indians,

First of all I convey my special thanks to my friend and colleague,Nishant Sheth for all the motivation he provided me to share my patriotism with friends by starting up a blog. On carefully picked day for the launch of my blog,26th January,60th Republic day of my beloved motherland, in my inaugural post, I would like to share with you the REAL "behind the scenes" story of what happened in long,beautiful and empty corridors of South Block in New Delhi after 26th November,2008, post terrorist attacks on Mumbai. For beginners, South Block is that part of the magnificent Secretariat Building where office of the defense minister of India resides. It is the same building which houses Office of India's Prime Minister, office of the home minister, office of external affairs minister and finance minister. The truthfulness of the following story has been confirmed with me by very high positioned figure in New Delhi.

Before reading the article everyone should clearly u…

How India fought back 1000 years of opression...

Following video is for those who fail to understand how strong and unique Hinduism is.For those who think that India was actually "slaved" by Islamic emperors or British Raj for almost 1000 years...PLEASE WATCH,THINK,REMEMBER AND SHARE.

Ever wondered why they call Pakistan a terrorist nation ?

Truth about Pakistan's Nuclear program.