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Gatka - Sikh Martial arts

Having watched almost every Jackie Chan movie in childhood, its no wonder that fascination with action movies still continues. After all these years of watching these movies, the question lingers in mind is that do we not have Indian forms/techniques of martial arts that are equally lethal and awe-inspiring as Kung-Fu or Karate? Well, thankfully the answer is YES! (You aren't first one to be surprised!) Our school curriculum that has trite explanation about our country's diversity should have taught us about these various fighting techniques/art that has been preserved over centuries in many parts of our country. As a matter of fact researched material suggests Chinese martial arts is in all likelyhood derivation of these old Bharatiya (carefully avoiding saying Indian) traditions. These traditions include art of fighting using lethal weapons such as swords and bows, hand to hand combat and self-defence with wooden sticks. If you truly have passion for combat techniques,self-d…

Think about Incredible India !!


Received the following as a forward. A kind of forward that would give your brain a run on idle Friday afternoon in office. Even if these are funny/silly thoughts to some, they are undeniable and perhaps makes us re-think, is our beloved motherland India indeed incredible? Are we making any hard attempts to take the phrase "Incredible India" out of books and in to the lives of an average Indian? Please share your ideas/comments.

We live in a nation where Rice is Rs.40/- per kg and mobile phone Sim Card is free. Pizza reaches home faster than Ambulance and Police. Car loan offered @ 5% but education loan @ 12%. Students with 45% get in elite institutions through quota system and those with 90% marks stay out because of limited seats in open category.
2 IPL teams are auctioned at 3300 crores and we are still a poor country where more than 300 million people starve for 2 tiny meals EVERY day. Assembly and shopping complex buildings are getting ready within one year while p…

Lets talk hygiene and sanitization parameters for our Indian cities


Lately we have discussed a lot about how paid news MSM(Main Stream Media) folks work to favour a political party and abuse their privileges. So for the time being lets give those heavy discussions a break and talk about our cities.

Quick take aways from latest information released by Urban Development Ministry on the state of our cities on Sanitation Parameters.

1)Cities ranked in four categories - green, blue, black and red with green being the best.
2)No city could qualify in the green category.
3)Only four cities are in blue category.
4)3 Gujarat cities land in top 20 position.
5)Top 3 are Chandigadh,Mysore and Surat (YAY!!!).
6)As many as 189 out of rated 423 big/small towns ended up in Red zone !! (check you city in the list)
7)About dozen cities have potential to move one step up from BLACK level to BLUE level with more efforts and programs dedicated to sanitization.
8)About 60 cities have potential to move from RED zone to BLACK zone with similar efforts.
9)Minister, Shri Jaipal…