Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Its time to choose Nationalist Leader.


Translation of the lyrics.

Chalo Zara, Utho Zara >> Lets go,Lets get up,
Deshbhakti se Bhara >> Filled with Patriotism,
Netrutrva hai bula raha >> Leadership is calling you,

Ye ek Shankh-naad hai >>This is awakening call by "Shankh-naad" (Sound produced using large Sea-shells)
Pukarata Prabhaat hai >> Beautiful morning is calling you,
Uthani hogi ek Lahar >> We Need to generate New wave,
Ye Nirnayo ka hai prahar >> This is moment of decision.

Kyu much raha ye shor hai >> Why is all these noises,
Ye kiske haath dor hai >> Whose controlling/commanding who (from behind the scenes)
Na path se hath >> Never stray away from your path,
Tu ruk Zara >>Wait a bit,
Dhairya Dhar >> Be Patient
Na zuk Zara >>Never bow down down to odds,

Ye desh tera swpna hai, pahechaan hai, abhimaan hai >> This country is your dream,your identity, your pride,
Jo Hruday me dhadak raha wo tera swabhimaan hai >> The feeling that beats in your heart is your self-pride,

Jo zukna na jane na kabhi >> The one who never gives up (under pressure)
Har faisla jo le abhi >>The one who takes every decision right away,(Not procrastinating)
Jo loh ke irado se rachne ko taiyaar hai >>The one whose determination is as strong as Iron,

Drudhta jiska astra hai >> Confidence is his weapon,
Aur nirnaya jiska vaar hai >> Decisions are his actions/attacks,

Ye tat pe khal-bali si kyu >> Why so much perturbance on sea-shores,
Laher laher me ghaav kyu >> Why wounds along with every breeze,

Tu Nirnayo ki naav chun >> choose the boat with decisions,
Wahi to sachhi naav hai >> That's the only right boat,

Jo paar leke ja sake >> The one that takes you to the other side, (of troubles)
Wahi tera chunaav hai >> is the only right election.
Wahi tera chunaav hai >> is the only right election.

STRONG LEADER,DECISIVE Government, (Bhartiya Janata Party) BJP.

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