Friday, October 2, 2009

China hype in media

"Red Peril", "Dragon breathing Fire", these are some of the recent headlines showing tensions between India and China in Himalayan border region due to disputed border. Well,it must be thought in retrospection. If you think carefully, the hype in media underlines the psyche of Indian people who has come out of oppression, slavery and captivity only before 62 years. We Indians are paranoid about not falling victim to another cruel regime like the British Empire. It is rather a good thing that we are so much concerned about the every possible threat to our nation and we are bringing such issues to public debate by means of media. But the hype and discussion should not scare people nor should it create a notion that we cannot defend ourselves against Chinese communist regime. Do not forget we are the people who fought the British without a single gun and forced them to vacate our beloved nation. Today we are a nuclear power with 1.1 billion people willing to defend their freedom. China has no recent war experience which is very important for any Army. We have Kargil experience to our advantage. China can NOT defeat us just with their numerical edge in military equipments and manpower. Just to get an idea how seriously Indian Army is preparing to counter the border violations by Chinese, take a look at this video...And rest assured our mother-nation is safe and well-protected. Let those commies come, we are a big country. we have enough space to dig their graves.


  1. With due respect to our armed forces..i have no doubt on there abilities and we will dig enough graves for those intruders.But when the IAF cheif himself admits that at present IAF's strength is 1/3rd of chinese what message is he trying to send??What is meaning in sending panic wave across the country..If he thinks that Govt will pay some attention to his demands and increase the budget for defense he is not doing it the right way..

  2. India can certainly do serious damage to China, but at the end of the day, any comparison of their missiles, infantry, armour, air force, radars, road/rail networks, communications, intelligence services, etc. shows they are superior to India. Because our government is one of the most incompetent ones I can imagine. If it comes to skirmishes, we can hold our own, but in all out war, they will thump us like there is no tomorrow.


કાયદાની આડમાં.....

ગુજરાતમાં ‘અવાજ’ના બહાનાની આડમાં નવરાત્રી ઉપર, કર્ણાટકમાં ‘જીવદયા’ના બહાનાની આડમાં કમ્બલા ઉપર, ઉત્તર પ્રદેશ/બિહારમાં નદીની સ્વચ્છ...