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Let's hear top Indian Muslim Scholar

Merry Xmas people !

In this pre-Christmas post we are blessed to have a word from by far the MOST popular and noted Indian Muslim Scholar Dr. Zakir Naik. Following is his advice for every Non-Muslim on the face of this planet.

Tale of 60 Indian Mujahideen men from Ahmedabad.....

(Reproduced with permission from Shri Ashok Malik.)

Better intelligence and a purposeful Union home minister have contributed to India escaping a major terrorist assault since the horror of 26/11. Nevertheless, as the bombing of the Sheetla Ghat in Varanasi indicated, the threat is perennial. The Varanasi attack may have killed just one person — tragically, a one-year-old child — but was calculated to cause panic and trigger a stampede that may have claimed many more lives. It was a reminder that Indian Mujahideen (IM), the organisation behind the bombing, is alive and kicking.

India's astonishingly poor record in terms of terrorist convictions remains a critical gap. Between the Parliament attack on December 13, 2001 and the trial of Ajmal Kasab for Mumbai 2008, there have been zero convictions for acts of terrorism in India. This is embarrassing for a country that is among the biggest victims of Islamist terror.

In this context, the history of IM is instructive. An offshoot of …