Monday, February 2, 2009

How countries deal with separatists ?

Every time a young leader like Shri Kiren Rijiju(14th Lok Sabha member elected from Arunachal Pradesh on BJP's ticket) calls for strong action necessary to guard nations borders, other Lok Sabha members can be seen yawning,talking on the phone, chit-chatting or at best sleeping. This time I want to share wisdom of (again) Shri Arun singh ji(retired Vice-Admiral, Eastern Naval Command,Indian Navy) on how other countries deal with separatist movements within their states. Also very soon I will share great articles written by Shri Kiren Rijiju about the urgency required for us as a nation to look into Arunachal Pradesh's border problems.

Following is excerpts of his words as appeared in Asian Age on August 28th,2009.

"We need to look at how other nations have dealt with secessionists and terror. Russia used brute, overwhelming force in Chechnya because it realised that after the breakup of the USSR, Chechnya would be the catalyst for further disintegration. How have Spain and Britain dealt with Basque separatists and Ireland - did they give them "azadi"? What about China's application of brute force in Tibet? Look at how Sri Lanka is fighting and using not only its Army, but also the Air Force and Navy to fight terrorists and separatists. Can we learn from their experiences before it's too late?

The time has come to stop the policy of appeasement and deal with Kashmir firmly, but fairly, because the future of a secular, democratic modern India is at stake. No leniency should be shown to anyone talking about "azadi" or dual currency or waving the Pakistani flag. Any talk of aiding and abetting secession, a la Arundhati Roy, must be dealt with under the existing law - the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act of 1967. India must formally declare that it is in a state of war with terrorism within our borders. The time has come to deal firmly with Pakistan and fight fire with fire, since political and diplomatic niceties seem to further embolden the Pakistan Army and the ISI." UNQUOTE

Anyone willing to take up case against politicians responsible for not taking actions against those secessionists who boldly host Pakistani Flag at every crossroad in Kashmir Valley in India ?? If I had a watch that can turn me into "Mr.India" I would most likely use that to assassinate those vote hungry, disgusting, character-less politicians who have allowed India's problems to grow tremendously by not paying attention to it for decades.

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