Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Rahul Gandhi says India is bigger than USA !!!!

Either to laugh your belly off or to feel sorry about this Indian leader is matter of choice. Either way you just cannot afford to miss this video.


  1. but does he mean population or size?

  2. Well it may mean that he is talking about either population or may be is just boasting the greatness of the state... It was not very clear though...

  3. I think he's talking about strength and greatness of gujrat and india compared to others.

  4. the video is edited and does not provides the information on what context he is comparing gujrat and india to europe and US

  5. Viral,you have raised a good point.

    Though he does not seem talking about numbers if we believe that he is talking about number then even in that case he is wrong.

    You compare U.K. population with Gujarat’s population. Gujarat’s population is 50,596,992 and U.K. population is 60,943,912.

    Europe population is 731,000,000 and America’s population is 303,824,640. Total of both together is 1034824640. India’s population is
    1,147,995,904 which is slightly larger.

  6. @ Nidhi & @Chintan

    Greatness or strength is not compared by quantitative terms like 'larger'. I agree that this is partial info to draw any conclusion, however the point is, he is certainly NOT PM material.

  7. even population-wise both the claims are wrong :)

  8. abe tum logo ko aur koi kaam nahi hai kya.. saale jab dekho tab in logon(Cogress leaders)ke peechhe pade rahate ho..inse itni phatati kyon hai tum logon ki????????????


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