Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Responding to Mr. Vir Sanghvi.

Our self-confessed member of secular establishment, Mr. Vir Sanghvi has published this in view of latest court verdict on Godhra case. (Link with details on verdict)

Here are Deshdaaz's quick and initial observations on the post by Mr. Sanghvi.

Dear Mr. Sanghvi,

Wrote to you on twitter and again writing here(talk about 140 chars limits!). Your article is very interesting in many respects.

1) The timing of the article : Post Nira Radia gate, you & other journos(Barkh Dutt to be precise) desperately seek to claim back the space ceded to upcoming journalists. Let me point out the obvious that it takes years to build respect,moment to loose.

2) This article is indicative of secular establishment acknowledging tough road ahead(painted saffron!!) on the way back to power in 2014.

3) It is also an inkling of rift within secular establishment and your article serves to limit the fallout by drawing attention of the stakeholders of the establishment AND at the same time personally score some points on the blackboard of Narendra Modi :), an indeed intelligent maneuver Mr. Sanghvi.

Lastly, for whatever reason(s) behind, it is refreshing to see a New Delhi based writer to able to call spade a spade. Believe Mr. Sanghvi deserve pat for it.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Uttar Pradesh staggering in darkness....light to come

Hurray ! Finally poor Hindu Indians will be shown light !

India (MNN) ― After hearing story after story of church growth in India, it's easy to start believing that everyone in the country has access to a church--and certainly to the Word. India's a big country though, and although the Lord has undoubtedly been moving, there is still a vast field to harvest.
According to Operation World, the state of Uttar Pradesh in India is one of the least-evangelized places in the world. Operation World experts say, "This single state of India probably represents the most intense concentration of unevangelized people and groups in the world, and thereby the greatest mission challenge."
A recent census says 579 of the state's 613 people groups have no Christians at all.
The church in the state of Punjab in India is growing a little faster. 60 percent of people in the state still follow the Sikhism, but believers are growing in number. One Bibles for the World missionary recently reported baptizing over 100 new believers across Punjab in 2010.
Church growth is encouraging in Punjab, but still the majority of people are not following Christ.

Each state of India has its unique challenges, but Bibles for the World has taken up the plights of these two for now. In response to the darkness covering Uttar Pradesh and the need in Punjab, Bibles for the World is preparing to print 1.2 million copies of the Gospel of John in Punjabi and Hindi in 2011. The Word will be distributed across Punjab and Uttar Pradesh.
Bibles for the World invites you to join them in this exciting effort to plant the seed of God's Word in these two states this year. Your financial and prayer support are most welcome. If you feel God calling you to be a financial part of this transformative year, click here.
Image of Hindi Bible distributed in Bharat
Pray that these Gospels would reach the hearts of millions across the two states. Pray especially for Uttar Pradesh, that the number of people groups without believers would drop significantly in 2011, and that the powerful light of Christ would shine brightly across the entire nation.

Courtsey :

Hindus should be ashamed of their-selves for not being able to stop evangelists from converting their 'own' poor and uneducated Hindu brothers and sisters by means of force/deception/enticement.

અતુલિત બલ ધામા......

બાળ-માનસ સ્વાભાવિક રીતે તુલનાત્મક અને ગણનાત્મક હોય છે, ખરું કે નહિ? કોઈ વસ્તુનું માપ લઈને કે ગણતરી કરીને બહુ આનંદ આવતો હોય છે. અને શરૂઆત તો...