Friday, April 17, 2009

Honorable Shri Kiren Rijiju on Nation-building

Dear Friends,

As I promised earlier, I present to you a thought-provoking video by Shri. Kiren Rijiju. By far he is the most dynamic, most talented and most promising young politician that India has today. He represents India's "State of the rising sun", Arunachal Pradesh. That's is where India's international borders begin and stretches up to my state of Gujarat. I absolutely LOVE the part of the video where he says we greet people by various slogans here in Mumbai like "Namaste" or "Sat Sri Akal" or "Good Morning", but in Arunachal Pradesh there is only one Slogan, JAY HIND. My salute to such nationalist state. Its a shame that such a state has been neglected by AICC(All India National Congress) for decades as its tiny population did not form major vote-bank.


  1. that's true its neglected by AICC and china is taking advantage of it..

  2. kirenji is the voice of india.after PA Sangma and Dinesh goswami he represent the North east in true patriotism.
    Kenbom Bagra

  3. He is real man of this country.Rahul,sachin and sinhdia should learn from Kirenji.He is not from his father's background.

  4. we have already lost good, dynamic and honest leaders like late tomo riba n late bakin pertin. Currently Kiren Rijiju is the only ray of hope for the people of arunachal pradesh in particular and entire north-east in general.

    dejir zirdo
    new delhi-21


કાયદાની આડમાં.....

ગુજરાતમાં ‘અવાજ’ના બહાનાની આડમાં નવરાત્રી ઉપર, કર્ણાટકમાં ‘જીવદયા’ના બહાનાની આડમાં કમ્બલા ઉપર, ઉત્તર પ્રદેશ/બિહારમાં નદીની સ્વચ્છ...