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Tidbits on our ex-president Pratibha Patil

Entire nation stood up with awe and pride on 25th of July,2007 when Mrs. Pratibha Devisingh Patil was sworn in as the first woman president of our nation,myself included. Boasting this in lunch discussions with my non-Indian colleagues was heart-warming. I even shared pictures of her in that elegantly drapped Indian Sari(Sadi) with female colleagues. That euphoria started to wane as I started researching about her credentials and accomplishments. Until then, I had never put efforts to learn about her. The only thing I knew was that she was associated with Indian National Congress.

Here are my findings. (Links to support the claims are provided with every point below)

1) She is married to a man who is "FOUND GUILTY" BY Court of appropriating a farmer's land.

2) She is married to a man, DeviSingh Patil, prime accused in a case of abetment to suicide of Kisan Dhage, a school teacher.

3) She is sister of GN Patil,accused by Rajni Patil, widow of slained Jalgaon Congress president Vishram G Patil of hatching the murder conspiracy. She accused of shielding her brother. Interestingly Times of India actually carried this story at first and later removed. (Of course Paid media magic my friend.) Here is the old URL link on which the story was originally published. (

4) Unless you know/read/heard/watched how forced religious conversions of poor tribal Hindus to Christianity is a major issue having real possibilities of triggering communal disturbances and administrative challenges in many Indian states, you may not comprehend seriousness of this issue. She was the one who REFUSED to sign anti-conversion law in Rajasthan, effectively nullifying it, as mentioned in the International Religious Freedom Report 2007 by the U.S. Department of State below.

"The Governor of Rajasthan, later elevated to the Presidency, refused to sign her State's anti-conversion law, effectively nullifying it."

Read this post for more information on the subject.

5) She is the one having gone on mercy overdrive and commuted(to reduce) the death sentences of 35 petitioners to life to those who are convicted of mass murder, kidnapping, rape and killing of children -a record by any president.

Dear Mrs. Patil, better late than never, I strongly protest discrimination on behalf of Afzal Guru.

The message is that ours is banana republic. You are free to loot/arson/plunder/rape/kill/molest this massive and passive less privileged lot of humans. Criminals may start worshiping Pratibha Mataji for her unbound kindness and love. Dear criminals, I will happily provide financial support if you would like to build a temple to worship Her. Rest of the folks, watch out for more Goa type episodes.

6) She is classic case of pro-dynasty politicians with unprecedented no holds barred on spending public funds for grand-kids! YES! I am not joking. And it even gets better. Mr. Syed Akbaruddin, the spokesperson for the Ministry of External Affairs defends her citing Pakistan's President Asif Ali Zardari OR Mr. 10 percent as the world knows him. (Thank you dear Akbar for just comparison. I know we read each others tweets with utmost attention.)

7) She is the first president to complain about "smaller" living place allotted to her after stepping down. I concur, 8 rooms & 100 yards garden is not big enough.(Living in a mansion of 340 rooms for half a decade would easily spoil any mortal, why blame her!)

One may ask what is the point of such seemingly hit-job post, especially now that she has demitted from office. Well for one, it strengthens the anecdote that the more financially/morally/ethically corrupt you are, better are your chances of hierarchical advancement in nation's largest and oldest political party,Indian National Congress. (You cannot ask for a mansion larger than 340 rooms, at least not that I know of in Bharat. Vilasrao Deshmukh, Shivraj Patil many more examples available)

More importantly, we are a nation of passive/ignorant/irresponsible/callous electorate who has spectacularly failed in it's duty to keep politics clear of tainted leaders to the extent that one such leader was able to become first citizen of our Republic - AND - finish her tenure. Shame!

And believe me, the list goes on. If you are not done yet, follow the link below.
Laundry list of controversies surrounding Pratibha Patil by IBN-Live. 

With that I wait for someone to create such list for our new president, hopefully sooner than later. Yeh Indiyaah hai mere yaar. Everything is possible!

P.S.  I am a little late on my timing of this post. Ideally wanted to publish on 25th July,2012, 6 years after she became president.

Jay Hind.

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