Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Rahul Gandhi says India is bigger than USA !!!!

Either to laugh your belly off or to feel sorry about this Indian leader is matter of choice. Either way you just cannot afford to miss this video.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Facts about China you MUST know.

Eavesdrop some shop-owners chit-chat at any shop in any main bazaar across towns in India and you will hear one common tune. They all boast about how cheap Chinese goods keep the cash-registers full and business strong. I hate to pin-point but they fail to realize that their profiteering is only making their enemies strong. A common man needs to be made aware of Communist China's present day geographical ambitions and that they have not yet returned OUR land of North-Eastern Kashmir(referred as Aksai Chin) which they seized in 1962.(Lets bow our heads for our leaders who chose to forsake the issue)Political leaders like Kiren Rijiju or Swadeshi activists' voices get lost in thick crowds of buzzing Indian metropolises. What is more discomforting is that its not only making enemies strong but at the same time makes us weak. How ? By providing sub-standard quality FMCG goods such as milk,cheese and water.I wish I could go to those shop-keepers and explain that even if you don't understand how your business is aiding our enemy, you should know that a lot of Chinese products contain melamine which is highly toxic and VERY harmful to you as well as your customers. Here are some facts and figures about what I call "Melamine Menace".

What happens when Melamine contaminated milk/food is digested ?
Melamine remains inside the kidney. It forms into stones blocking the tubes. Pain will be eminent and person cannot urinate.Kidney will then swell.Although surgery can remove the stones,but it will cause irreversible kidney damage.It can lead to loss of kidney function and will require kidney dialysis or lead to death because of uremia.

Did you know that India is the only country with whom China has chose to NOT to settle border issue through dialogues?? They settled their border issues with Russia and North Korea in a peaceful way by negotiations. Rather they threaten us from time to time that they will annex Arunachal Pradesh and Sikkim which they consider their territory ?? Does that sound like my personal crazy thought ? Its actually not. Now even Indian Army is going public about their fear of sudden and swift assault by PLA(People's Liberation Army of China).This is a grave situation.What it means is that IA(Indian Army) is throwing its hands up in the air saying we are not prepared to face China because our defense demands have not been met in past 20 years by uneducated idiots in the parliament and we cannot face a huge PLA army without much required equipments,weaponry and infrastructure.Whose to blame? Army ? Politicians ? No,the highly educated class of India which forms 40% of the population and prioritizes Coffee at Barista over voting once in five years. Don't you just feel like punching such educated idiots? They are worthless citizens adding to the number of population. Interestingly they are also the same people who will complain and whine about ills of India. Read attached article from Hindustan Times.Once you finish reading the piece join me in praying God to save India ! Or optionally lets march to Sansad and demand guarantee for our beloved mother nation's security from fat headed babus sitting there.Choice is yours! (Believe me, I will quit my job in USA and come back to India if there are people willing to kick start group efforts)

Monday, March 16, 2009

I am proud of this Rajya-Sabha member.

It is a very lovely and beautiful day today. Its because not everyday someone like Shri Mahmood A. Madani will stand up and speak on behalf of the entire nation in a public summit. It becomes all the more important when the speaker is from the world of politics at a national stage. Shri Mahmood A. Madani is Rajya-Sabha (Upper house of Indian Parliament) memeber who recently was one of the high-profile attendees at India Today conclave on 6th and 7th March 2009. His words during the summit made me so proud that I could not wait a moment to write this piece up and share the video with you all.He is exactly the kind of Indians we need to become super-power. There should be only ONE identity of a billion+ people, "INDIAN". Period. Njoy the Video..Jay ho !

અતુલિત બલ ધામા......

બાળ-માનસ સ્વાભાવિક રીતે તુલનાત્મક અને ગણનાત્મક હોય છે, ખરું કે નહિ? કોઈ વસ્તુનું માપ લઈને કે ગણતરી કરીને બહુ આનંદ આવતો હોય છે. અને શરૂઆત તો...