Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Know your Army : Tatra Trucks

Just how 33 vertebra forms your backbone and enables you to stand strong, supply lines form backbone of any Army. Ever wondered what is the backbone of our Indian Army ? How does the world's forth largest army full-fill its supply needs during peace-time or war-time. Check out in these videos to find out what forms Indian Army's backbone..Njoy !

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  1. Truely awesome technology.It strengths my faith in the Indian Army that if they are provided with the latest technology they are UNBEATABLE..even though with the current technology they have proved no doubts on there abilities..

    one can't find such shock absobers even in the latest 220 pulsar..hahah...


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જુદા જુદા ઐતિહાસિક કાળના સ્થાપત્યો ઠેર ઠેર આપણાં દેશમાં ચારે બાજુ ફેલાયેલા જોવા મળે છે. દેશનું ગમે તે રાજ્ય કે ગમે તે ખૂણો પકડો તમને કોઈક ભ...