Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sagarika Ghose Calls Lord Ram a divine encroacher

Below is a snapshot of what Sagarika Ghose, popular reporter on CNN-IBN (news channel in India) tweeted today. In India so called secular media personnel fearlessly slander any religion if that pays for their outrageously lavish lifestyle sans ethics/dignity/respect. This was sent to hundreds of people and people started questioning her.She deleted the tweet, only later to realize some techie Hindus had already captured snapshots. Just shows how much dirt is yet to come out of that mind(less), apparently a Rhodes Scholar(!)

Monday, September 20, 2010

Shattering the 1000 year old Myth

Video is very self-explanatory. Need not elaborate at all.And sure, you will ask for proof/evidence to back the theory in the video.Have provided links as starting point for talking heads...Please share your views. PLEASE!

Battle of Rajashtan
Bappa Rawal
Timeline of Rajasthan's History
Proof on 30,000 non-combatant civilians killed by so called 'Great Akbar'. On page 230 of book 'Advanced Study in the History of Medieval India'By Jl Mehta. Here is a link to it.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Let's learn a little about Ayodhya

Many blindly argue, because Bharat is a democracy, in true spirits of secularism, there should be temple and mosque build side by side to end the conflict between Hindus and Muslims. Whatever the possible solution may be, its worth to get a real insight on the history of Ram Janmbhoomi. It is a 40 minute presentation.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Secessionists of Kashmir

Today's post is in regards to the ongoing debate on whether AFPSA( Armed forces Special Powers Act) should be repelled from Kashmir. For beginners, as the name suggests, it is a special act that allows Indian Army to keep the secessionists of Kashmir under control using special powers. AFSPA came in to force after 1990 when Kashmiri Muslims mass murdered thousands of Kashmiri Hindu Pandits and expelled them from their motherland by the sword. The central Indian Govt(then) realized the need to provide Army with extra powers to get things under control. This AFSPA has helped keep Kashmiris Muslims of the valley from repeating the violence of the 90's again.(Relief for remaining Hindus who are now official minority in their own state) This picture above is enough to justify to keep AFSPA.Only in our nation we have allowed the symbol of national pride/identity reduced to dust by stamping by the very people who have enjoyed "special state status" under Article 370 for 64 years, since 1947. A state that contributes less than 4% to national economy has enjoyed generous 11% central funds for all these years.(Research official stats, these number are NOT made up) And yet in return what we get for our hard earned tax money is a public shameless display of burning/stamping of our national flag,an indispensable part of what we are. It boils the blood. What kind of leaders have we voted for all these years? Rather than solving it, they have made Kashmir problem more complicated than it originally was. Repelling AFSPA will only embolden Kashmiri separatists to forge ahead with the stupid demand of 'azadi'. As BJP leader, Mr. Arun Jaitley recently mentioned in an interview, no country negotiates its territory.

Deshdaaz proudly, unequivocally, unflinchingly and with full conviction supports keeping AFSPA to keep what is remaining of Kashmir as integral part of India.

અતુલિત બલ ધામા......

બાળ-માનસ સ્વાભાવિક રીતે તુલનાત્મક અને ગણનાત્મક હોય છે, ખરું કે નહિ? કોઈ વસ્તુનું માપ લઈને કે ગણતરી કરીને બહુ આનંદ આવતો હોય છે. અને શરૂઆત તો...