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Facts about Rahul Gandhi you must know.

These days a growing Indian young population is welcoming Rahul Gandhi's entry into national politics. Upon entering the politics he has attempted to take Mr. Narendra Modi head on with his vicious verbal attacks. As a silent politics observer I find this very amusing. To me this is like Venktesh Prasad coming in as an opening batsman in a highly anticipated one day match attempting to hit six on the first delivery of Shoaib Akhtar(Rawalpindi Express).While I love the fact that young Indians are getting plugged into Indian main stream politics, I wish they work hard on fact finding. It is for that reason I would like to share with young Indians following facts about Rahul Gandhi and improve their knowledge base. Njoy !! (Dr. Swamy in the video is Harvard Graduate)

Why nationalists Love Mr. Narendra Modi ?

Here is a simple question that I put forward. Why people of Gujarat whole heartedly LOVE Mr. Narendra Modi(3rd time Chief minister of Gujarat with full majority in Vidhan-sabha) and why rest hate him. The answer is simple. Those who are willing to take up India's enormous problems as challenges love him for his optimism and energy. He is not afraid to ask questions on issues that really matters to us as a nation. He is not afraid to take actions that will change India at grass root level. Modi bashers/haters are those who likes to live in India "as it is" without making efforts to "change" things/systems. In my humble opinion only those living with "I dont care for my country(India)" tends to hate him as change is sometimes painful. People who cant bear short-lived troubles for long term benefits that comes with "change" loves to hate him.

Following is sample of his direct line of questioning to Congress led government and failure of India&…

How countries deal with separatists ?

Every time a young leader like Shri Kiren Rijiju(14th Lok Sabha member elected from Arunachal Pradesh on BJP's ticket) calls for strong action necessary to guard nations borders, other Lok Sabha members can be seen yawning,talking on the phone, chit-chatting or at best sleeping. This time I want to share wisdom of (again) Shri Arun singh ji(retired Vice-Admiral, Eastern Naval Command,Indian Navy) on how other countries deal with separatist movements within their states. Also very soon I will share great articles written by Shri Kiren Rijiju about the urgency required for us as a nation to look into Arunachal Pradesh's border problems.

Following is excerpts of his words as appeared in Asian Age on August 28th,2009.

"We need to look at how other nations have dealt with secessionists and terror. Russia used brute, overwhelming force in Chechnya because it realised that after the breakup of the USSR, Chechnya would be the catalyst for further disintegration. How have Spai…