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Paying tribute to Jawaharlal Nehru


Today is 30th October. Two weeks from now we will see Indian English media, print and TV both, head over heels with Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru singing hymns of praise in fond memories of our "Chacha"! Of the tales how that great man built a nation with his immense intellect and charm...Yes, all the usual yada-yada-yada that they telecast every year. I remember seeing friends wearing those "Nehru" caps & jackets in school and making a fashion statement. Now that I am a grown up and have had enough opportunity to read about Nerhu and his life with intricate details, I am no more remorseful of the fact that my parents never bought me that cap!(Jacket was expensive for our middle class family anyway) Quite the contrary actually, had I ever had that cap, it would have made me very sad today. And following is why. (If you hoped for another ballad commemorating Mr. Nehru, it should serve you as a stark reminder that you are not up to speed with our nation Bharat…

Yellow Journalism by Wall Street Journal in India Real Time series.

Hi Friends,

So far it was my firm belief that US based media houses are free of any political kowtowing. I believed they may have their partisan views but they would NEVER indulge in intentionally misleading and completely wrong reporting of events that are of vital importance. The kind of reporting which is widespread in India, which we call "paid media" reporting, which has never been successfully challenged in the court of law so far. One of the worst flavour of such reporting is where media houses blatantly quote leaders of party with the words they never mentioned, in complete disregard of journalism ethics. (In case u wonder about the publishing laws, following laws is not what professional Indian journalists are exactly too worried about)

WSJ(Wall Street Journal) has proved me wrong. WSJ's reporter Ms. Jyoti Malhotra has written a piece called How Advani’s Yatra Is Undermining the BJP and also published the same article in Hindi(Click here for Hindi version)

She q…

Congress Corporator pressurizes to incldue illegal Bangladeshi residents name in voters list!

From Ahmedabad.

Dani-Limda area corporator Inaayat Husain Saiyad of Congress party has been booked by the area Police for assaulting Govt Staffer. According to reports, Mr. Saiyad and another Congress worker physically attacked the Govt. staff for refusing to add names of illegal Bangladeshi residents residing near Chandola lake into the voter's list.

A state-wide voter's list improvement program is underway keeping in view of upcoming 2012 state assembly elections. As part of that program, work was being carried out on 16th of October near Chandola lake in N.V. Patel High School. Mr. Inaayat Husain Saiyad of Congress party arrived along with another Congress worker at the school. Out of several Govt staffers present, he insisted to Mr. A.M. Mevani, a senior clark, to include the names of Bangladeshi illegal immigrants in the neighborhood in the official voter's list. Mr. Mevani's refusal to entertain such request was met with physical attack on him and his cell phon…

Economic times editor in the doc


Its been a while we discussed some of the current affairs topic. Today I want to talk about recent attack on Mr. Prashant Bhushan, a member of Team Anna and a Supreme Court lawyer by some youth identifying themselves as members of Sri Ram Sena. Economic times published an editorial which talks about such "attacks on democracy". Sure, there is no denial no one should take law in to his/her own hands. However what I wonder is, did this same editor raise his voice earlier? This is certainly not the first so called 'attack' on our democracy. I wrote the following comment on the article which was dis-approved by the editor and obviously not published. It seems from the editor's article that only wrongdoings of individuals/social organizations can be classified as an 'attack'. Govt of India herself is exempt from being on the list of such 'attacker' despite crossing the line on many counts.

Amazed at the narrow-mindedness of editor of Econ…

Epic sign-board!

Wonderful way of reaching out to callous "Bharatiya"

Kapil Sibal part-2

Here are some funny pictures! Enjoy (Real pictures clicked in Bharat)

Outside a cinema hall....

In New Delhi....

Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir( J& K) Omar Abdullah's secret of staying warm in icy Kashmir winters :).....Mr. CM blocked deshdaaz on twitter for posting this :)

Kapil Sibal at his best

Dear Readers,

When it comes to introducing senior CON-gress leaders, it's really amazing to learn that, you can  do so without a single introductory word! Yes, please meet Mr. Kapil Sibal, Minister of Communications and Information Technology  ......The picture speaks for itself,as always!

Yes! Rahul Gandhi is Harvard Graduate.......until you find out the truth

If someone told you, Mr.White is Harvard graduate maxima cum laude ('with maximal honor/praise.'), likely your reaction would be that of awe. And you may carry some lasting respect sub-consciously for Mr. White which may help him earn your allegiance in future. And there is nothing wrong in it, except if it was a lie to begin with.Well, that's exactly the dirty trick played by mahachor (Leader of thieves) Congress party of Bharat and it's followers. Kindly go through the following newspaper article that establishes this truth firmly. It's time we unearth every single lie/canard/rumour spread by Congress party for their own benefit. (Yeah, right, you thought country matters for them..Drink some coffee mate!)

It happens only in India!!

Finally some "It happens only in India" type news...Njoy..(This is real news, not a joke)

Chennai, May 6: Funeral prayers were held on Friday in a Chennai mosque for slain al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden and its Imam slammed the US for ''inhumanly'' killing and burying him in the sea.

"America killed him inhumanly and left his body in the sea without performing Janazah. So, we conducted Janazah (funeral prayer) for him," Moulana Shamsudeen Qasimi, the Imam of Makkah Masjid in Anna Salai, said. [Read: Two held in Kerala for distributing cards hailing Osama]

Asked whether they had sought permission from police, the Imam said "it was conducted inside the mosque. We need police permission only if it was conducted in a public place."

Introducing Dhruv Stambha in New Delhi or Qutb Minar as known today...

In case you also happen to have deep interests in forgotten/neglected ancient Hindu sites that tells a tale of the passed times, this will interest you. Had long heard that "Qutb Minar" was actually part of ancient religious complex holding several Hindu and Jain temples in the times of Chauhan dynasty ruling over Delhi around 11th century. That was a starting point. What made me more curious was this note on Wikipedia which says "engraving on the Qutub Minar reads, "Shri Vishwakarma prasade rachita" (Conceived with the grace of Lord Vishwakarma.)
Ok, so that was enough to get started with some research work and gather some more info. Following material is collected from various sources and re-produced with permissions. Special thanks to the friends who contributed.

Lal Kot, Qila Rai Pithora and Siri

In North Bharart, areas surrounding Lal Kot and Siri were ruled by the Hindu kings around 700AD. Lal Kot, meaning Red Fortress was the first city to be constru…

Debunking the myth of Sonia Gandhi sacrificing Prime Ministerial birth in 2009

Back in 2009, I had a conversation with my father about why Sonia Gandhi is giving away the crown she apparently had worked so hard to wear. My father, a middle class man in his 50's and otherwise very astute political analyst, had no convincing explanation. Perhaps he along with the nation was bought in to the theory that Sonia Gandhi is being very kind to keep the PM post open for more deserving senior Congress leader. So much was the disappointment of seeing Saffron party loose that election that I left that question unanswered then.

Despite the next general election being faaaaar away, through one of the twitter discussions this question popped up again. This time I made some attempt. Read the Indian citizenship act to find out if what Mr. Swamy is preaching in this following video is true or not..

Well, certainly I will not answer what I found in the act. It is for YOU, the alert and concerned citizen to pick the book/website and read and do some fact finding. What I want to …

The shrinking Hindu space

Guest post by one of the few balanced and independent right-wing activist on Twitter (@Barbarindian)

Perhaps nothing illustrates the extreme prejudice and visceral hatred this administration harbors towards Hindus quite like this video. A senior Congress leader and designated mentor to the crown Prince, no less, mercilessly kicking an would be shoe attacker. That video basically sums up what Congress would do to us, given a chance.

As we have been saying for quite sometime, what we have here is not mere hardball politics, we have long transitioned into a different ballgame. From mere socio-economic re-engineering, we have transitioned into genocidal territory.

The completely needless and strategically foolish police action of last Saturday when a battalion of handpicked Delhi Police converged in on the Ramlila grounds, where tens of thousands of devotees, as many as half of them women and children, had already retired for the night, was designed to inflict casualties - which it did. …

Proposing new flag for India

Those who have keen interests in politics have been closely watching outcome of the Assembly elections that took place in Tamil Nadu, Kerala, West Bengal and Assam in April 2011. Timing of this election was very interesting. It came in the backdrop of much fanfare on various scams that put India on back-foot on international stage such as 2G spectrum allotment scam, Adarsh land scam, Common Wealth Games(CWG) scam, ISRO band allocation scam. BJP was predicting to open an account in Left bastion Kerala as per Speaker of the Opposition Ms. Sushma Swaraj. Unless you took her seriously, the outcome was not unexpected, nevertheless disappointing. No, its not disappointing because Hindu nationalist BJP could only manage 3 out of a whopping total of 824 assembly seats of all 4 states combined. It is not only because "real red" Mamata Banerjee will replace the 33 year old Marxist rule in WB. Many political pandits have described her as "far-left" leader. It is also because …

Still wondering why Hindu Defense League?

On the 7th March 2011, in a post here on Deshdaaz, the need for Hindu Defense League(HDL) was expressed. As expected readers expressed concerns in private. I remain fettered to that view. Take a look at this video why the need is NOW. Once you finish watching begin to count how many "NO-Go Zones" in Bharat. More importantly are these NO-Go zones increasing/decreasing over time. Lastly salute to the brave French woman in the video.

Awesome footage just in from NNN(Nationalist News Network)


Please don't miss this raw unedited/uncut videos of  Barkha Dutt being forced to leave from India Gate in New Delhi. She attempted to cover people's movement against Corruption. Barkha Dutt, a tainted journalist from media house called NDTV, is alleged to be facilitating negotiations on union ministerial positions between ruling Congress party of Bharat and her ally DMK.

Introducing Darul Uloom Deoband in Bharat

Post partition of Bharat, Darul Uloom Deoband has been by far the most renowned and influential school of thought for spreading Islamic thought throughout the world in modern times. It is also the largest school in terms of out-reach beyond Asia, consistently ranked above University of Al-Karaouine and Al-Azhar University, most noted chief centers of Arabic literature and for spreading Sunni Islamic thought.

That is what prompted to read and research more about Darul Uloom Deoband. What comes next is un-comforting and unnerving. Every aware person irrespective of his religion must know what Darul Uloom Deoband based in Uttar Pradesh is teaching about religions, well beyond borders of Hindustan. Watch patiently and carefully and wait until it comes to teaching about Hindus/Hinduism. This video is only part 1 produced by EDL or English Defense League. Other parts are available on youtube.

Note: Mentally prepared to take on abuse and threats that will follow as this post goes live. Perha…

Patriotism personified

Salute to Shri Ranjit Sinh. Apologies to viewers who cannot understand Gujarati. Please write/comment if you would like to hear translation. FYI, the village is just North-East of Godhra, the nearest known town.

Responding to Mr. Vir Sanghvi.

Our self-confessed member of secular establishment, Mr. Vir Sanghvi has published this in view of latest court verdict on Godhra case. (Link with details on verdict)

Here are Deshdaaz's quick and initial observations on the post by Mr. Sanghvi.

Dear Mr. Sanghvi,

Wrote to you on twitter and again writing here(talk about 140 chars limits!). Your article is very interesting in many respects.

1) The timing of the article : Post Nira Radia gate, you & other journos(Barkh Dutt to be precise) desperately seek to claim back the space ceded to upcoming journalists. Let me point out the obvious that it takes years to build respect,moment to loose.

2) This article is indicative of secular establishment acknowledging tough road ahead(painted saffron!!) on the way back to power in 2014.

3) It is also an inkling of rift within secular establishment and your article serves to limit the fallout by drawing attention of the stakeholders of the establishment AND at the same time personally score…

Uttar Pradesh staggering in darkness....light to come

Hurray ! Finally poor Hindu Indians will be shown light !

India (MNN) ― After hearing story after story of church growth in India, it's easy to start believing that everyone in the country has access to a church--and certainly to the Word. India's a big country though, and although the Lord has undoubtedly been moving, there is still a vast field to harvest.
According to Operation World, the state of Uttar Pradesh in India is one of the least-evangelized places in the world. Operation World experts say, "This single state of India probably represents the most intense concentration of unevangelized people and groups in the world, and thereby the greatest mission challenge."
A recent census says 579 of the state's 613 people groups have no Christians at all.
The church in the state of Punjab in India is growing a little faster. 60 percent of people in the state still follow the Sikhism, but believers are growing in number. One Bibles for the World m…

We, The Hindus

First things first, the title of this post is inspired by News anchor Barkha Dutt's show "We the People". Despite all the allegations against her (which perhaps will never be proven but personally speaking, I am inclined to believe they are true), rightfully so I would give her credit for it. After reading @nationalizer post on Citizen Journos it just struck me like a lightening on this icy morning. Sooner or later, it will strike more or less every Hindu. Just how every hurricane in USA is named (Ike,Gustave etc), I call this lightening "Prahar"...

Until just yesterday, I believed KP's exodus from valley in the 90's was the only instance when either due to circumstances/shortcomings/
lack of preparedness/anticipation whatever you call it, Hindus retreated 4m what was their beloved home/motherland. Well, nationalizer's post says that was not the only incident of the its kind. Konkani's moving away from Goa due to incoming Portuguese …