Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Yes! Rahul Gandhi is Harvard Graduate.......until you find out the truth

If someone told you, Mr.White is Harvard graduate maxima cum laude ('with maximal honor/praise.'), likely your reaction would be that of awe. And you may carry some lasting respect sub-consciously for Mr. White which may help him earn your allegiance in future. And there is nothing wrong in it, except if it was a lie to begin with.Well, that's exactly the dirty trick played by mahachor (Leader of thieves) Congress party of Bharat and it's followers. Kindly go through the following newspaper article that establishes this truth firmly. It's time we unearth every single lie/canard/rumour spread by Congress party for their own benefit. (Yeah, right, you thought country matters for them..Drink some coffee mate!)


  1. cbi caught baba ramdevs aid balkrishna for fake marksheet. What are then goind to about rahul G..... now.

  2. how do we stop India from being run by lairs? isnt it time we took matters into our own hands?


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