Friday, October 14, 2011

Economic times editor in the doc


Its been a while we discussed some of the current affairs topic. Today I want to talk about recent attack on Mr. Prashant Bhushan, a member of Team Anna and a Supreme Court lawyer by some youth identifying themselves as members of Sri Ram Sena. Economic times published an editorial which talks about such "attacks on democracy". Sure, there is no denial no one should take law in to his/her own hands. However what I wonder is, did this same editor raise his voice earlier? This is certainly not the first so called 'attack' on our democracy. I wrote the following comment on the article which was dis-approved by the editor and obviously not published. It seems from the editor's article that only wrongdoings of individuals/social organizations can be classified as an 'attack'. Govt of India herself is exempt from being on the list of such 'attacker' despite crossing the line on many counts.

Amazed at the narrow-mindedness of editor of Economic times which now qualifies such attacks as attack on democracy. Mr. editor, according to your article it seems only the cases in which physical violence is involved will be classified as "attacks on democracy"?

Let's talk in detail. Did u qualify following laundry list as  an "attack on democracy"?

1) Did you qualify unconstitutional ban on Baba Ramdev's Aastha channel as an attack on democracy?
2) Did you qualify unconstitutional addition of Mr. Robert Vadera to list of VVIP's exempt from frisking at the airport as an attack on democracy?
3) Did you qualify abuse of police power on sleeping protesters at Ramlil Maidan as an attack on democracy?
4) Did you qualify diversion of trains from Karnataka en-route to Kashmir for flag hoisting in Sri-nagar's Lal chowk on 26th January 2011 as an attack on democracy?

List goes on & u sure know that!
Look my friend, r u hand in hand with corrupt Congress? If so, just admit it. It's better that way. It takes balls for a man to accept who he really is.

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