Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Debunking the myth of Sonia Gandhi sacrificing Prime Ministerial birth in 2009

Back in 2009, I had a conversation with my father about why Sonia Gandhi is giving away the crown she apparently had worked so hard to wear. My father, a middle class man in his 50's and otherwise very astute political analyst, had no convincing explanation. Perhaps he along with the nation was bought in to the theory that Sonia Gandhi is being very kind to keep the PM post open for more deserving senior Congress leader. So much was the disappointment of seeing Saffron party loose that election that I left that question unanswered then.

Despite the next general election being faaaaar away, through one of the twitter discussions this question popped up again. This time I made some attempt. Read the Indian citizenship act to find out if what Mr. Swamy is preaching in this following video is true or not..

Well, certainly I will not answer what I found in the act. It is for YOU, the alert and concerned citizen to pick the book/website and read and do some fact finding. What I want to talk about is utter failure of BJP(Bharatiya Janta Party) and every other party that sits in the Loksabha as 'opposition' to bring the relevant act details to the concerned aam admi. BJP's brouhaha back in 2009 over Sonia Gandhi's anticipated election as PM candidate by Congress party was ineffective and quickly lost steam in the eyes of middle class simply because this class, which you and me belongs to, believes more in facts and rules as we are 'very' law abiding people. Had BJP been able to share this 'info' with the people, they cud have spared themselves from hurting their throats and earning more respect as a by-product. After all a Harvard graduate (and present lecturer there) who had been ex-union law minister of our nation won't be leveling baseless claims without his homework, would he?


  1. It is a known fact that a person of foreign origin can not become the Prime Minister of India as is stipulated in the constitution. This was amicably and diplomatically conveyed to Sonia Gandhi way back in 2004 by the then President, Mr. A.P.J.Abdul Kalam, consequent to which the entire nation saw that constipated face of hers along with Mr. ManMohan Singh address the Press outside the Rashtrapathi Bhavan. So, to enact that particular day and scenario in every debate will lack taste.

    However, BJP did fail to even mention this once. There were umpteen talk shows where amongst the panelists the BJP guys/girls were tight lipped when the CONgi wallahs went berserk with their disposition that Sonia Gandhi sacrificed the Prime Ministership for some godforsaken reason. Unless there has been some secrete code of civility promised by all political parties, I see no other reason why they would not have taken this CON rhetoric to bits and pieces.

    Well, we can not forget our days of slavery, can we. That would sum up BJP's silence, other political party's silence and above all the Nation's silence!

  2. Sonia Gandhi has acquired the citizenship of India and India does not follow the US rule which stipulates that the head of the govt must be born in the same country.

  3. Mr. Mathur,

    Read this pdf and then we shall re-visit your point....

  4. How the media spun tales of sacrifice and magnanimity by Sonia when she is not eligible to be a PM being a citizen via the Citizen Act and not by birth. This is horrible journalism looking to create mass hysteria invoking our myths and what not.

  5. hi i went through the citizenship act(based on pdf link given by you). where is it mentioned that a naturalised citizen cannot assume an elected office of govt? it would be good if u could point out the page and clause. forget what swamy says...he keeps saying things though he is a learned man and ex-union minister...i dont believe him..i think the media would have got that as a scoring point if indeed by law such a statute is mentioned. Its a known fact that the act is silent about it!


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