Thursday, April 25, 2013

Welcome 2014

Little voice in your head says is deshdaaz going nuts?! Its not even May-2013 yet ! Yes, we are still within the first half of 2013 and no I do not work for crazy automotive companies who launch there 'next' year models almost 6 months prior to the actual year. That said, I do welcome 2014 so soon since I actually wish it's already here. What's the hurry? What does 2014 hold? Well to begin with it will be when Bharat and Bharatiyas will be teeming with hope that Shri Narendra Modi ji will move to Delhi. Whether you like him or not is it's hardly going to be matter of choice for voters. And when I talk about choice, it's not because his take on policy issues such as FDI in retail or women's reservation bill or capital punishment for rape convicts. Views may vary but IMHO those are 'internal matters' of the nation which have remain unsettled for long and could very well [not that it should] remain in status quo further. What CANNOT remain in status quo is China's belligerent stand in the whole ongoing Daulat Beg Oldi standoff.  Having read in details about the blunders that Congress committed back in 1962 which brought national humiliation that still haunts many, it is hardly a surprise how current Congress government is dealing with the situation. Your ENEMY intrudes your territory as deep as 18 Kilometers, set up a camp and bluntly REFUSE to pull troops back. And what do we do? We send them a memo(to be hand delivered by Foreign Minister himself on 9th May)!!! The Minister of External Affairs is now officially in the Nobel Peace Prize race. Here is unsolicited piece of advice Mr. Khurshid. Nothing wrong with trying to be peace-maker but then consider surrendering Indian citizenship and try it as Pakistani/North Korean/Chinese etc, take your pick. Don't get me wrong. I have no issues you trying it as Indian but it will improve your odds of winning as non-Indian since currently you are competing with our very own Prime Minister. Retired Army Chief V P Malik points out very well that only a "sound defense makes for sound diplomacy". [Video below] Clearly the guys in power did not take diplomacy101 in their college days.[Where did Salman Khurshid graduate from?]

After that worrisome details and discussion, watch this hilarious video below by stand-up artist Gabriel Iglesias.

Finished watching? Now replace 'bank' with China and those two Indians with our EAM(External Affairs Minister) and PM(Prime Minister). The script would be something like below

"...EAM get's in the car, his partner[PM] waiting for him.
PM   : Did you tell the Chinese to leave?
EAM : They wudn't listen to me :(
PM   : Did you show them the doves(pigeons)????
EAM : I showed them dozen!!!
PM   : We better reach 10 Janpath & secure Sin-nia ji before they get there.
Zoom......Drives away"

And unless you are Nehruvian/Gandhian from the 60's you know that not just UPA1/2,  Congress in general have neglected our borders and defenses for decades. To that extent, I am actually surprised that they don't declare it in their election manifesto. It should be bold and red, "If voted to power,we reserve the right to neglect national interest". Must be that they expect people to assume that as a standard from any Congress government.

Anyway coming to my point, it not just the Chinese (with whom it's relatively easy to deal), we have new arrivals in Bharat. Yes, I use term arrivals and not visitors since visitors return at the end of their visit. Check out the pictures below. It's official!  YAY!

First flag is of Pakistan and second is of terrorist organization Lashkar-e-Taiba. These are recent pictures from Kashmir's Hari Parvat fort close to Dal lake.

Getting my point now? Forget the internal matters India. Chinese, Pakistan-pushed-in-Talibanis, we have serious threat of external aggression that may escalate to war. Who is going to safeguard us and our borders? Name one Congress leaders up for the task. Mind draws blank? Don't worry, just means you are a sane/responsible citizen. India, your choices are limited and time-sensitive.

1) Get out of your 'comfort zone' in 2014 general elections AND vote 'One Man Army'  Shri Narendra Modi ji to Power to protect ourselves & our borders OR
2) Remain in your comfort zone & wait for the gun-totting, mask-wearing, Islam-swearing Mohammedan to LITERALLY knock on your door.

What? Am I exaggerating? Admittedly so but than consider this. These 'new arrivals' in the valley have already started issuing diktats for 'Indian'[read Hindu] female tourists to Kashmir such as NOT to wear jeans. Here are the links. Link 1 Link 2 Link 3 I am not the one to underestimates our enemies. No Indian should. Let's be pro-active and ACT!

P.S. : DEAR Prime Minister, if you cannot protect the sovereignty of our nation, kindly consider this. Arrange for mass transportation for civilians to Despang plains area. Granted we are not trained in high-altitude mountain warfare or even have basic fighting skills, this land is OUR mother and we will do 'whatever it takes' to drive out those ungrateful neighbors. The Chinese military can certainly not match the strength of 1.2 billion Indians, can they?

Jay Hind.

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