Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Mautam - Rats,Mizoram, Bamboo and more....

It did not strike until watching this documentary all the way up to the end. Actually it did not strike even after I finished the documentary. It struck when I started typing the word "Mautam" and missed character 'u' in there accidentally. Yes, read it now. It's "Matam". It was a Robert Langdon moment for me. The catastrophic phenomenon that you are about to learn from this video is named simply based on the after effect it creates. Word 'Matam'(मातम) means mourning in Hindi, the language of mainland. Though Church succeeded in proselytizing the native Hindu population of Mizoram over past 30 years using dirty tricks and implicit support from deeply anti-secular(read anti-constitutional) governments (mostly headed by corrupt Congress party), it could not wipe out the words in the local language that heavily derives from mainland languages. And that helps, connecting the dots, as in this case and help me understand why the name "Matam" was associated with this tragedy.

After you finish watching this amazing documentary, hang your head in shame(just as I did) as an Indian for it took an Australian scientist to solve the suffering of our brothers and sisters and an American media house to bring this story to us. Gutter class mainland Indian media(CNN-IBN,NDTV etc) never reported this and boneheaded Indian leaders REALLY have no interest in our survival.

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