Thursday, May 27, 2010

Gatka - Sikh Martial arts

Having watched almost every Jackie Chan movie in childhood, its no wonder that fascination with action movies still continues. After all these years of watching these movies, the question lingers in mind is that do we not have Indian forms/techniques of martial arts that are equally lethal and awe-inspiring as Kung-Fu or Karate? Well, thankfully the answer is YES! (You aren't first one to be surprised!) Our school curriculum that has trite explanation about our country's diversity should have taught us about these various fighting techniques/art that has been preserved over centuries in many parts of our country. As a matter of fact researched material suggests Chinese martial arts is in all likelyhood derivation of these old Bharatiya (carefully avoiding saying Indian) traditions. These traditions include art of fighting using lethal weapons such as swords and bows, hand to hand combat and self-defence with wooden sticks. If you truly have passion for combat techniques,self-defence methods or simply interest in exploring more, by now you are curious to read the names of these Bharatiya martial arts techniques. "Thang-Ta", "Gatka", and "kalarippayattu" are some of the methods among many and more popularly practised even today. These methods come from the states of Manipur, Punjab and Kerala respectively. You all can now explore more about all these methods and in general about Indian Martial Arts starting with this link. But, before you go, do check out this video below which briefly introduces Gatka. We need strong people that makes our country strong. Perhaps one of us should suggest progressive CM like Mr. Narendra Modi to instate such physical education in schools.(Brought up Mr. Modi here since he is credited with bringing game of Chess in to every classroom of schools of Gujarat)

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  1. very nice and educative for folks like me.

  2. When I read the post I remembered something. In 1976 when I was in erstwhile USSR, I found that in the hospitals they were following our Yoga as post treatment. At that time Yoga was not known to many in India. Thankfully now everyone follows this. Credit must go to the media as well.

    So one day our leaders will wake up and our past glory will take the front seat. Hopefully !!!

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  3. nice informative leading article make to search more n imply makes me more proud about our inherited culture, sadly we couldnt maintain it .. so lets start again to maintain it against getting it degraded

  4. Really, every Hindu should become a warrior.That's the need of the time.


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