Thursday, April 15, 2010

Secure Gujarat, Secure India

Being one of the border states to nation's arch-rival,Gujarat or it's Police force cannot afford to be caught off guard how Maharashtra Police was on the gory eve of 26/11. Had MPD officers/constables better equipped to face terrorists with advance weapon systems, total number of casualties would have been far lesser. It must be acknowledged,at present being on exceptional high growth trajectory and being internationally acclaimed as most successful state run by Hindu Nationalist BJP and its most potent leader Shri Narendra Modi, it is an eyesore for large population of hate-mongering Pakistanis. These are the people having soft corner for Talibanis fighting US-NATO allied forces as well as Jihadi's fighting against India. Gujarat is also home to nations vital assets such as Hajira based Reliance refinery,ISRO,The Sardar Sarovar Dam and more.Keeping these as well as regular intel reports in mind, Gujarat being pro-active state(that it is) is leaving no stone unturned to assure safety of its citizen. The latest welcome step is the news you might have missed because our main stream media(NDTV, CNN-IBN)is busy carrying non-sense news such as Shoaib-Sania drama or Tharoor-Modi IPL drama. There is no space for real news in those media houses...So here it goes..Courtesy Asian Defence.

Gujarat police to procure 4000 INSAS rifles

In a bid to equip its police force with modern weapons, Gujarat police would be acquiring 4000 Indian Small Arms System (INSAS)rifles in October this year. "We procured 2,000 INSAS rifles in 2008-09 and will be getting 4,000 more in coming October. INSAS rifles are mostly used by BSF, CRPF and para military forces," a state home department official said. He also said that the state's pending demand for 12 more marine police stations is likely to be approved by the Union Ministry of Home Affairs. Currently, there are 10 marine police stations in the state, along the 1600-km-long coast line.

On various plans to strengthen the state's security apparatus, the official said that in last two years, around 5,000 posts in the police force have been created with the addition of State Reserved Police (SRP) battalions. "We created around 5,000 new posts in the force. Moreover, we will add four more chetak commando units next year," he said. "Currently, we have two Chetak commando units, which is based on NSG model and two more will be added this year while we plan to double it by next year, and then the commando units will be spread across the state and stationed in Saurashtra, Kutch and South Gujarat," he said.

Each chetak commando unit has 120 commandos which are trained extensively. "One commando unit is under training at Jodhpur and subsequently, that unit will be sent for advanced training in jungle warfare," the official said, adding "we strictly follow the age and physical fitness standards in the commando units."

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