Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Barkha Dutt and NDTV exposed part 2


It was very encouraging to see overwhelming response from Indian nationalists on the first post on exposing Barkha Dutt and NDTV's lies. With all the excitement I bring this second post with a video which will provide fresh insight into deeply pseudo-secular, unholy media and journalists of our country. Point to note : Barkha Dutt has not yet responded to this video. Neither has Vikram Chandra of NDTV has commented on this.


  1. AweSome .... Full on support. Thr r many such incidents for cobering PAK nt only by NDTV bt whole media fraternity.
    DUring last yr's ganesh visarjan in sept,bcuz thr were posters of Afzal khan getting killed by Shivaji Maharaj which is a FACT; Congress govt culdnt stop the communal violence and police forcibly did the visarjan. Now this news 4 heck of did come p in media bt was nevr covered at length sighting fear of communal tension; so y does media gives sensational feeling to doings of BJP / Hindus as alleged wrong doings as per their whims n fancies

  2. The congress spokes person Barkha Dutt was clearly exposed. Now the other congress channesls CNN IBN is simply keeping quiet and rather defending the Barkha Dutt. It is worse than watergate scandal. Even President Nixon lost his post. Please visit www.outlookindia.com. It throughly exposes Barkha dutt and others under 2G tapses as well many others under the caption power taples. Please do not miss to hear all the audio files.


કાયદાની આડમાં.....

ગુજરાતમાં ‘અવાજ’ના બહાનાની આડમાં નવરાત્રી ઉપર, કર્ણાટકમાં ‘જીવદયા’ના બહાનાની આડમાં કમ્બલા ઉપર, ઉત્તર પ્રદેશ/બિહારમાં નદીની સ્વચ્છ...