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India's true young Bofors : Shri Kiren Rijiju

As promised earlier, here is the video of Mr. Kiren Rijiju, a true energetic nationalist leader of the future. He is perhaps the only competition to Mr. Rahul Gandhi of Congress from BJP side. While he is not having the family label as his opponent, he sure has more "Indian" appeal to his character and ideology. Listen and feel his "Indian-ness" below...

Classic Example of Fun at Work : Gujarat Police

Did you know that Gujarat State police would provide Free escort services to girls at night after garba(Dance) for their safe return to home, keeping parents away from worries ? The Central Govt of India can take cues from Gujarat Govt which provides excellent work environment to the state police forces. Check out this video of Gujarat Police celebrating Navratri with AK-47 !!! What an original idea !! Can you cite any better example of fun at work !! It also tells us why any single girl would be able to roam alone at 3 am without any fear in Gujarat.

China hype in media

"Red Peril", "Dragon breathing Fire", these are some of the recent headlines showing tensions between India and China in Himalayan border region due to disputed border. Well,it must be thought in retrospection. If you think carefully, the hype in media underlines the psyche of Indian people who has come out of oppression, slavery and captivity only before 62 years. We Indians are paranoid about not falling victim to another cruel regime like the British Empire. It is rather a good thing that we are so much concerned about the every possible threat to our nation and we are bringing such issues to public debate by means of media. But the hype and discussion should not scare people nor should it create a notion that we cannot defend ourselves against Chinese communist regime. Do not forget we are the people who fought the British without a single gun and forced them to vacate our beloved nation. Today we are a nuclear power with 1.1 billion people willing to defend th…