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Massacre on ManGadh Hills/ માનગઢ હત્યા-કાંડ

Disclaimer: Sincere efforts to pool data from scattered material and put together. Links/sources embedded. However kindly point out inaccuracy/discrepancy. Little long post.

It's indeed remarkable how much we can learn from a leader. Seems about time to count number of posts that were inspired by Shri Narendra Modi ji, including this one. It was back in July'12 when I read about 63rd Van Mahotsav inauguration & my interest piqued in the long forgotten story of Mangadh hills.

Scrutinizing online/offline resources revealed many more interesting details. Here is a list of not so widely known Indian rebellions/resistance during British Raj before we talk about Mangadh/Bhil uprising.

English sources have two prime categories to group the rebellions.

1) Peasant Revolts 1.1 The Faqir and Sanyasi Rebellion (1770–1820s)

Key Details : Rose after great famine of 1770 in Bengal. Immediate cause of rebellion was restrictions imposed by the British on pilgrims visiting holy places among…