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Introducing Dhruv Stambha in New Delhi or Qutb Minar as known today...

In case you also happen to have deep interests in forgotten/neglected ancient Hindu sites that tells a tale of the passed times, this will interest you. Had long heard that "Qutb Minar" was actually part of ancient religious complex holding several Hindu and Jain temples in the times of Chauhan dynasty ruling over Delhi around 11th century. That was a starting point. What made me more curious was this note on Wikipedia which says "engraving on the Qutub Minar reads, "Shri Vishwakarma prasade rachita" (Conceived with the grace of Lord Vishwakarma.)
Ok, so that was enough to get started with some research work and gather some more info. Following material is collected from various sources and re-produced with permissions. Special thanks to the friends who contributed.

Lal Kot, Qila Rai Pithora and Siri

In North Bharart, areas surrounding Lal Kot and Siri were ruled by the Hindu kings around 700AD. Lal Kot, meaning Red Fortress was the first city to be constru…