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Christian Affront on Diwali

Let us embrace those of other faiths, but not at the expense of our own great tradition. By Viju Sidhwani, M.D. 

Dear Readers, I am pleased to publish Viju ji's post today on our blog. Dr. Viju Sidhwani, 32, is a physiatrist and interventional pain specialist in New York City. I am very thankful to the editors at Hinduism Today for the permissions to reprint this article. Since we are not too far from Diwali, this is a good time to read on what may very well repeat this year in New York city!
Ever since we were young we attended the annual Diwali mela at South Street Seaport. Each year our family drove in to downtown Manhattan from the surrounding suburbs. Breathing in the panoramic views of the Big Apple, with the backdrop of a glorious sunset, we knew an evening of live dance performances, puppet shows and a display of exquisite fireworks bursting on a blanket of stars was soon to follow. This was our idea of Diwali.
This celebration is special to me not only because it …