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Tidbits on our ex-president Pratibha Patil

Entire nation stood up with awe and pride on 25th of July,2007 when Mrs. Pratibha Devisingh Patil was sworn in as the first woman president of our nation,myself included. Boasting this in lunch discussions with my non-Indian colleagues was heart-warming. I even shared pictures of her in that elegantly drapped Indian Sari(Sadi) with female colleagues. That euphoria started to wane as I started researching about her credentials and accomplishments. Until then, I had never put efforts to learn about her. The only thing I knew was that she was associated with Indian National Congress.

Here are my findings. (Links to support the claims are provided with every point below)

1) She is married to a man who is "FOUND GUILTY" BY Court of appropriating a farmer's land.

2) She is married to a man, DeviSingh Patil, prime accused in a case of abetment to suicide of Kisan Dhage, a school teacher.

3) She is sister of GN Patil,accused by Rajni Patil, widow of slained Jalgaon Congress p…