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Debunking the myth of Sonia Gandhi sacrificing Prime Ministerial birth in 2009

Back in 2009, I had a conversation with my father about why Sonia Gandhi is giving away the crown she apparently had worked so hard to wear. My father, a middle class man in his 50's and otherwise very astute political analyst, had no convincing explanation. Perhaps he along with the nation was bought in to the theory that Sonia Gandhi is being very kind to keep the PM post open for more deserving senior Congress leader. So much was the disappointment of seeing Saffron party loose that election that I left that question unanswered then.

Despite the next general election being faaaaar away, through one of the twitter discussions this question popped up again. This time I made some attempt. Read the Indian citizenship act to find out if what Mr. Swamy is preaching in this following video is true or not..

Well, certainly I will not answer what I found in the act. It is for YOU, the alert and concerned citizen to pick the book/website and read and do some fact finding. What I want to …

The shrinking Hindu space

Guest post by one of the few balanced and independent right-wing activist on Twitter (@Barbarindian)

Perhaps nothing illustrates the extreme prejudice and visceral hatred this administration harbors towards Hindus quite like this video. A senior Congress leader and designated mentor to the crown Prince, no less, mercilessly kicking an would be shoe attacker. That video basically sums up what Congress would do to us, given a chance.

As we have been saying for quite sometime, what we have here is not mere hardball politics, we have long transitioned into a different ballgame. From mere socio-economic re-engineering, we have transitioned into genocidal territory.

The completely needless and strategically foolish police action of last Saturday when a battalion of handpicked Delhi Police converged in on the Ramlila grounds, where tens of thousands of devotees, as many as half of them women and children, had already retired for the night, was designed to inflict casualties - which it did. …