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Rot always begins at the top !

For long time many staunch anti-Congress folks have been accusing that Congress has institutionalized corruption in our nation. Sadly there was lack of credible evidence to back that claim. Seems Maharashtra state Congress President Mr. Manikrao Thakre and another Congress leader Mr. Satish Chaturvedi have volunteered to buttress this long standing claim, on camera!!

One must be very thankful to these gentlemen for admitting it so calmly & casually, which virtually leaves no room for state/central Congress leadership for any possible explanation/defense. Jay Ho India !

Note : The video is courtesy of CNN-IBN.

Dharma Quiz -1


This is compilation of Dharma quiz created by Kiran, a prominent right-leaning individual on Twitter.(and a friend!) Believe it will give you a chance to know our Hindu religion/Hinduism in detail. Njoy !

We will start off with relatively simple one !

1. Lakshman's mother in Ramayana is…….
2. Ramakrishna Paramahamsa's father’s name is…..
3. Who composed 'Nityanandakari Varabhayakari' prayer for Goddess Annapurneshwari ?
4. Which God does 'Ashutosh' signify ?
5. Gautama Buddha's father's name is ……..
6. Childhood name of Lord Mahavir is……
7. Abhi Gnan Shakuntala, a great Sanskrit play of Kalidasa, is based on which Hindu epic ?
8. According to Puranas, Agni-dev’s (God of Fire) vehicle is…..
9. Bhakt Prahlada's father was…..
10. Bengal's ancient Sanskrit name is…..
11. Which Mantra is also known as panchkshari (5 lettered one) ?
12. Which Hindustani classical singer got the very first Kalidas samman award ?
13. Father of Carnatic classical music is……