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Secure Gujarat, Secure India

Being one of the border states to nation's arch-rival,Gujarat or it's Police force cannot afford to be caught off guard how Maharashtra Police was on the gory eve of 26/11. Had MPD officers/constables better equipped to face terrorists with advance weapon systems, total number of casualties would have been far lesser. It must be acknowledged,at present being on exceptional high growth trajectory and being internationally acclaimed as most successful state run by Hindu Nationalist BJP and its most potent leader Shri Narendra Modi, it is an eyesore for large population of hate-mongering Pakistanis. These are the people having soft corner for Talibanis fighting US-NATO allied forces as well as Jihadi's fighting against India. Gujarat is also home to nations vital assets such as Hajira based Reliance refinery,ISRO,The Sardar Sarovar Dam and more.Keeping these as well as regular intel reports in mind, Gujarat being pro-active state(that it is) is leaving no stone unturned to as…