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Let's hear top Indian Muslim Scholar

Merry Xmas people !

In this pre-Christmas post we are blessed to have a word from by far the MOST popular and noted Indian Muslim Scholar Dr. Zakir Naik. Following is his advice for every Non-Muslim on the face of this planet.

Tale of 60 Indian Mujahideen men from Ahmedabad.....

(Reproduced with permission from Shri Ashok Malik.)

Better intelligence and a purposeful Union home minister have contributed to India escaping a major terrorist assault since the horror of 26/11. Nevertheless, as the bombing of the Sheetla Ghat in Varanasi indicated, the threat is perennial. The Varanasi attack may have killed just one person — tragically, a one-year-old child — but was calculated to cause panic and trigger a stampede that may have claimed many more lives. It was a reminder that Indian Mujahideen (IM), the organisation behind the bombing, is alive and kicking.

India's astonishingly poor record in terms of terrorist convictions remains a critical gap. Between the Parliament attack on December 13, 2001 and the trial of Ajmal Kasab for Mumbai 2008, there have been zero convictions for acts of terrorism in India. This is embarrassing for a country that is among the biggest victims of Islamist terror.

In this context, the history of IM is instructive. An offshoot of …

Amazing discovery of Ancient Dwarka under sea near Gujarat

Que pasa !

This video that is shared today from Discovery Science channel came in as Thanksgivings Holiday web-surfing surprise. After watching it, could not help but see this as another link in to chain of events that will eventually validate everything mentioned in Hinduism as solid verifiable facts which so far has been carelessly discarded by West as mere implausible stories !! This chain began several years back when NASA proved existence of "Ram Setu" (or "Adams Bridge" as they call it), an ancient floating bridge built by stones that connects India and Sri Lanka, built by Lord Ram's Vanar-Sena(army of Monkeys) lead by his general Jambvan. Next in the chain was Ram Mandir's existence at ancient Hindu holy city Ayodhya being authenticated by the honorable high-court of Allahabad in one of India's most far-reaching legal battle between her massive population of Hindus and Muslims. That authentication came on the heels of archeological evidence subm…

For the sons of our soil

As micro observer of national Indian politics Deshdaaz's support for BJP's young gun Mr. Varun Gandhi preludes the media cooked controversy that made him grab national headlines back in 2009. Deshdaaz has followed stunning rise of this new star of emerging India from being denied a Lok Sabha BJP ticket in 2006 from Vidisha (Old news links here) to making maiden visit to our North East India ignored by most senior politicians of both national parties. (Varun Visits NE)

Like everything else, his qualities too are relative. Drawing parallels (or opposites) between two rising Gandhi's will certainly help paint futuristic picture of Indian politics in the times to come. Differences between the two Gandhi scions are absolutely unmistakable.

While Varun has supported clean politics,free from personal politics,( Varun supports clean politics) the other is knee deep into cashing on it by saying his name is everything!

While one is grabbing headlines for his possible next girlfrie…

Rot always begins at the top !

For long time many staunch anti-Congress folks have been accusing that Congress has institutionalized corruption in our nation. Sadly there was lack of credible evidence to back that claim. Seems Maharashtra state Congress President Mr. Manikrao Thakre and another Congress leader Mr. Satish Chaturvedi have volunteered to buttress this long standing claim, on camera!!

One must be very thankful to these gentlemen for admitting it so calmly & casually, which virtually leaves no room for state/central Congress leadership for any possible explanation/defense. Jay Ho India !

Note : The video is courtesy of CNN-IBN.

Dharma Quiz -1


This is compilation of Dharma quiz created by Kiran, a prominent right-leaning individual on Twitter.(and a friend!) Believe it will give you a chance to know our Hindu religion/Hinduism in detail. Njoy !

We will start off with relatively simple one !

1. Lakshman's mother in Ramayana is…….
2. Ramakrishna Paramahamsa's father’s name is…..
3. Who composed 'Nityanandakari Varabhayakari' prayer for Goddess Annapurneshwari ?
4. Which God does 'Ashutosh' signify ?
5. Gautama Buddha's father's name is ……..
6. Childhood name of Lord Mahavir is……
7. Abhi Gnan Shakuntala, a great Sanskrit play of Kalidasa, is based on which Hindu epic ?
8. According to Puranas, Agni-dev’s (God of Fire) vehicle is…..
9. Bhakt Prahlada's father was…..
10. Bengal's ancient Sanskrit name is…..
11. Which Mantra is also known as panchkshari (5 lettered one) ?
12. Which Hindustani classical singer got the very first Kalidas samman award ?
13. Father of Carnatic classical music is……

Sagarika Ghose Calls Lord Ram a divine encroacher

Below is a snapshot of what Sagarika Ghose, popular reporter on CNN-IBN (news channel in India) tweeted today. In India so called secular media personnel fearlessly slander any religion if that pays for their outrageously lavish lifestyle sans ethics/dignity/respect. This was sent to hundreds of people and people started questioning her.She deleted the tweet, only later to realize some techie Hindus had already captured snapshots. Just shows how much dirt is yet to come out of that mind(less), apparently a Rhodes Scholar(!)

Shattering the 1000 year old Myth

Video is very self-explanatory. Need not elaborate at all.And sure, you will ask for proof/evidence to back the theory in the video.Have provided links as starting point for talking heads...Please share your views. PLEASE!

Battle of Rajashtan
Bappa Rawal
Timeline of Rajasthan's History
Proof on 30,000 non-combatant civilians killed by so called 'Great Akbar'. On page 230 of book 'Advanced Study in the History of Medieval India'By Jl Mehta. Here is a link to it.

Let's learn a little about Ayodhya

Many blindly argue, because Bharat is a democracy, in true spirits of secularism, there should be temple and mosque build side by side to end the conflict between Hindus and Muslims. Whatever the possible solution may be, its worth to get a real insight on the history of Ram Janmbhoomi. It is a 40 minute presentation.

Secessionists of Kashmir

Today's post is in regards to the ongoing debate on whether AFPSA( Armed forces Special Powers Act) should be repelled from Kashmir. For beginners, as the name suggests, it is a special act that allows Indian Army to keep the secessionists of Kashmir under control using special powers. AFSPA came in to force after 1990 when Kashmiri Muslims mass murdered thousands of Kashmiri Hindu Pandits and expelled them from their motherland by the sword. The central Indian Govt(then) realized the need to provide Army with extra powers to get things under control. This AFSPA has helped keep Kashmiris Muslims of the valley from repeating the violence of the 90's again.(Relief for remaining Hindus who are now official minority in their own state) This picture above is enough to justify to keep AFSPA.Only in our nation we have allowed the symbol of national pride/identity reduced to dust by stamping by the very people who have enjoyed "special state status" under Article 370 for 64 …

Islamic conquest of India, bloodiest in the history of World.

Most Bharatiyas(Indians) are either presented tone down/doctored version (by ruling political elite) of real history or have blissfully chose to ignore it. A history of incessant, barbaric invasions of erstwhile Bharat(India) made of small Hindu states by massive Arabic/Islamic armies amounting to unaccountable slavery,plundering and death toll for astounding 1000 years. A history in which Gujarat, Punjab and Rajasthan stood(still are) as first line of defense for larger Bharatiya subcontinent. History and Geography together explains why Hinduism has been maintained in its true traditions on Southern Bharat and declined to an extent in Northen/Western Bharat. A culture,society,land,religion that has withstood world's worst onslaught from another culture/religion is sadly unknown to most.

These videos provides an inkling why in present Bharat also it does not require a maverick or Pundit to polarize electorate with religious whipping. That being said, they are shared here for insig…

Do you know who was Sohrabuddin Sheikh?

Introducing Mr. Hasan Nisar

There are logical,smart and rational people in every nook and corner of the world. And that Pakistan is no exception would be self-defeating statement unless backed by palpable evidence. Which brings us to Mr. Hasan Nisar. Had majority of Pakistanis believed more in their 'own' Nisar's than their Hamid's, not certain to what extent, Pakistan would be in more acceptable situation today. Viewers may not follow word-by-word but nevertheless will garner respect for this intellectual.

Bhagwad Geeta ji across the US

Courteous request to share this with friends/families/relatives. For long time world/West/USA has observed and lauded/envied Poli-so-finial(political-social-financial triangular strength) strength of Jews. You are foretold who Jews will compete against in times to come :)

P.S. For the record, word 'Polisofinial' was coined here first ever on Deshdaaz on 30th July,2010 ! (Try Googling!)

So how is it like to be Tax-Collector in Pakistan?

Courtesy of NY Times.

Notice, they learned the trick from India !

Pakistani intellectuals !!

Two words describes it all : "Pakistani intellectuals" :)

FYI, Its from Islamabad. Pakistani activists of Pakistan-India Peoples Forum rally in Lahore, Pakistan on Wednesday, July 14, 2010. Pakistan and Indian Foreign Ministers will meet Thursday for talks, as the nuclear-armed rivals try to resume a formal peace dialogue derailed by the 2008 Mumbai attacks. Banner on left reads "Allow free movement of journalists". (Courtsey AP Photo/K.M.Chaudary)

Gatka - Sikh Martial arts

Having watched almost every Jackie Chan movie in childhood, its no wonder that fascination with action movies still continues. After all these years of watching these movies, the question lingers in mind is that do we not have Indian forms/techniques of martial arts that are equally lethal and awe-inspiring as Kung-Fu or Karate? Well, thankfully the answer is YES! (You aren't first one to be surprised!) Our school curriculum that has trite explanation about our country's diversity should have taught us about these various fighting techniques/art that has been preserved over centuries in many parts of our country. As a matter of fact researched material suggests Chinese martial arts is in all likelyhood derivation of these old Bharatiya (carefully avoiding saying Indian) traditions. These traditions include art of fighting using lethal weapons such as swords and bows, hand to hand combat and self-defence with wooden sticks. If you truly have passion for combat techniques,self-d…

Think about Incredible India !!


Received the following as a forward. A kind of forward that would give your brain a run on idle Friday afternoon in office. Even if these are funny/silly thoughts to some, they are undeniable and perhaps makes us re-think, is our beloved motherland India indeed incredible? Are we making any hard attempts to take the phrase "Incredible India" out of books and in to the lives of an average Indian? Please share your ideas/comments.

We live in a nation where Rice is Rs.40/- per kg and mobile phone Sim Card is free. Pizza reaches home faster than Ambulance and Police. Car loan offered @ 5% but education loan @ 12%. Students with 45% get in elite institutions through quota system and those with 90% marks stay out because of limited seats in open category.
2 IPL teams are auctioned at 3300 crores and we are still a poor country where more than 300 million people starve for 2 tiny meals EVERY day. Assembly and shopping complex buildings are getting ready within one year while p…

Lets talk hygiene and sanitization parameters for our Indian cities


Lately we have discussed a lot about how paid news MSM(Main Stream Media) folks work to favour a political party and abuse their privileges. So for the time being lets give those heavy discussions a break and talk about our cities.

Quick take aways from latest information released by Urban Development Ministry on the state of our cities on Sanitation Parameters.

1)Cities ranked in four categories - green, blue, black and red with green being the best.
2)No city could qualify in the green category.
3)Only four cities are in blue category.
4)3 Gujarat cities land in top 20 position.
5)Top 3 are Chandigadh,Mysore and Surat (YAY!!!).
6)As many as 189 out of rated 423 big/small towns ended up in Red zone !! (check you city in the list)
7)About dozen cities have potential to move one step up from BLACK level to BLUE level with more efforts and programs dedicated to sanitization.
8)About 60 cities have potential to move from RED zone to BLACK zone with similar efforts.
9)Minister, Shri Jaipal…

Secure Gujarat, Secure India

Being one of the border states to nation's arch-rival,Gujarat or it's Police force cannot afford to be caught off guard how Maharashtra Police was on the gory eve of 26/11. Had MPD officers/constables better equipped to face terrorists with advance weapon systems, total number of casualties would have been far lesser. It must be acknowledged,at present being on exceptional high growth trajectory and being internationally acclaimed as most successful state run by Hindu Nationalist BJP and its most potent leader Shri Narendra Modi, it is an eyesore for large population of hate-mongering Pakistanis. These are the people having soft corner for Talibanis fighting US-NATO allied forces as well as Jihadi's fighting against India. Gujarat is also home to nations vital assets such as Hajira based Reliance refinery,ISRO,The Sardar Sarovar Dam and more.Keeping these as well as regular intel reports in mind, Gujarat being pro-active state(that it is) is leaving no stone unturned to as…

Thoughts of Jaymin Panchal on MF Hussain.

Today we have with us Mr. Jaymin Panchal sharing his thoughts on recent controversy over artist MF Hussain and his surrendering of Indian citizenship. Mr. Panchal is part of popular "Internet Hindus" group on interactive site which is raising razor sharp questions about today's Indian English media's credibility and partisan views. Most Indian well-known Indian English journalists present on twitter have so far carefully escaped answering questions raised by "Internet Hindus". Please send in your comments if you would like to learn more about this group. Also please share your views on the article with our guest columnist via comments.

By Jaymin Panchal,

At the outset, This blog is written by a Proud HINDU who is Indian first. Also the thoughts presented here are by no means mixed with religious inclination.

“An artist thinks ahead of time.”- Hussain. He is right, I do agree with him. An artist with his thought at higher bar from society a…

Barkha Dutt and NDTV exposed part 2


It was very encouraging to see overwhelming response from Indian nationalists on the first post on exposing Barkha Dutt and NDTV's lies. With all the excitement I bring this second post with a video which will provide fresh insight into deeply pseudo-secular, unholy media and journalists of our country. Point to note : Barkha Dutt has not yet responded to this video. Neither has Vikram Chandra of NDTV has commented on this.

NDTV lies exposed, Barkha Dutt Exposed.

The most controversial journalist of our times, Ms. Barkha Dutt of NDTV recently said in one of her shows that mosques in Kashmir in 1990 "pleaded", mark the word, "pleaded", Kashmiri Pandits to leave the valley. Please see attached screenshot from the show. Did they plead? Let's find out. Please watch the video in this other post called "Islamic Terrorism in Kashmir" on this blog.(Watch particularly from 4:45 to 5:10)  Open threats were made on loud-speakers across the valley. The threats made from the loudspeakers of the mosques in the valley said,

 "एक आखिरी मौका देते है की आप जल्द से जल्द हमारे इस पाक काश्मीर को खाली करो, अगर आप लोग यहाँ से नहीं गए तो हम आप के मकानों को जलाकर राख कर देंगे | ये आप के लिए आखरी मौका है, चले जाओ, यहाँ से चले जाओ | " 
A grade 4 student with modest command over Hindi and English language would tell you that  vocabulory of the message and the tone of the audio blaring from the mosques was anything but "pl…

Why we in India like Russians?

Somewhere in last decade we lost the warmth with Russia that was evident during Cold war days. However that seems to be changing and we are realizing it would not be worth to walk away from our good-ol-trusted friend Russia. Not only militarily, we can learn so much from them politically. Check out this video to find out what exactly I mean by that.My first reaction after watching this clip was OH MY DEAR GOD!! What a spectacular display of power and authority by the head of State. Something we can only dream in India. HEADS DOWN,2 Thumbs up for Mr. Putin.