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China training terrorists "INSIDE" Indian state of Manipur

Mao said, " You wave a gun"

Like it or not, China has much better leaders who work their butt of for their motherland. Not only they will stand by what they believe in or what they speak, they will motivate their men for what they believe is the right cause. For instance, before 1962 war between India and China, Mao Zedong their leader then said, "You wave a gun," referring to Nehru, "and I'll wave a gun. We'll stand face to face and can each practice our courage." When was the last time any Indian leader stood up like that to back our Army/defense forces and boost their morale? I bring this up because these days there is lot of hue and cry about China grabbing Indian land inch by inch in Jammu and Kashmir, but then when the top leadership of country is cowardly, no amount of press reports can make any difference. It is for people to take their questions to the parliament through elected MLA/MP of their residential area. When at least one Indian from every constituency will force his/…