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Divine Indian Prophecy :Repeating 1962.India will loose against China in future war.

With a heavy heart as an Indian nationalist,I share with you report indicating immediate danger to our country.India is only waiting to be victim of Chinese aggression as in the past in 1962 and face another face-loosing war. BECAUSE YOU, THE CITIZEN OF INDIA FAILED TO FORCE POLITICIANS INTO ACTION TO PROTECT OUR MOTHERLAND.(I QUESTIONED THOUSAND TIMES, NOT ANSWERED SO FAR)

Following report is written by Arun Kumar Singh, retired Vice-Admiral, Eastern Command,Indian Navy.

DECCAN CHRONICLE, Hyderabad , India
January 26th, 2009

On the eve of India’s 59th Republic Day, while reports of terror threats come in, few have read the Chinese media articles of “teaching India a lesson” on Arunachal Pradesh. In India doubts remain about control of India’s “nuclear button,” while the PM recuperates post-surgery at a time when the future of Pakistan and the safety of its nuclear weapons is under global debate. Terrorism, “nukes” and the Chinese threat make a deadly cocktail.
The Western world has kept …

India Rising part 1

India Rising part 2

How India lost Political battle against Pakistan after 26/11

Friends, Its my firm belief that only and outsider can paint a real/neutral picture of any ongoing conflict between nations. For long, I have loved this journalist for his outstanding coverage and unmatched detailed analysis...Please Read,Share and Remember !By : M. J. Akbar, Arab News (Published Sunday 25 January 2009)Pakistan has advantage over India.Foreign policy is not made in a day, much less on inauguration day. The smiles that broke out in Delhi when President Barack Obama cautioned Pakistan that nonmilitary aid would be cut if it did not curb domestic terrorism were premature. In any case, it is military aid rather than civilian aid to Islamabad which should be of more concern to Delhi, but the government in Delhi has become so dependent on the United States that it gets pleased with very little. An inaugural speech can only be peppered with markers that will slowly be fleshed into policy. But amateurs in Delhi have rushed to judgment where professionals fear to tread.There …

Your only obligation to your nation..MUST WATCH.

Inaugural Post on how India had to "back off" from war in 2008.

Dear Indians,

First of all I convey my special thanks to my friend and colleague,Nishant Sheth for all the motivation he provided me to share my patriotism with friends by starting up a blog. On carefully picked day for the launch of my blog,26th January,60th Republic day of my beloved motherland, in my inaugural post, I would like to share with you the REAL "behind the scenes" story of what happened in long,beautiful and empty corridors of South Block in New Delhi after 26th November,2008, post terrorist attacks on Mumbai. For beginners, South Block is that part of the magnificent Secretariat Building where office of the defense minister of India resides. It is the same building which houses Office of India's Prime Minister, office of the home minister, office of external affairs minister and finance minister. The truthfulness of the following story has been confirmed with me by very high positioned figure in New Delhi.

Before reading the article everyone should clearly u…

How India fought back 1000 years of opression...

Following video is for those who fail to understand how strong and unique Hinduism is.For those who think that India was actually "slaved" by Islamic emperors or British Raj for almost 1000 years...PLEASE WATCH,THINK,REMEMBER AND SHARE.

Ever wondered why they call Pakistan a terrorist nation ?

Truth about Pakistan's Nuclear program.